Monday, March 31, 2014

Carnaval Day 2

Day 2 of Carnaval was a bit more laid back for us than the first. We had a nice chill morning, and then spent the rest of our day at Trafalgar Falls. After all that relaxation, I was ready for another night out! Look at this scrumptious sunset I got to watch as I did my makeup for the night on our deck! God is good!

Having worn my fab yellow hot pants the day before, I had to make sure and keep the momentum of my Carnaval fashion up! My Limecrime lipstick was the perfect accessory for my look. Plus, our group of 11 all wore masquerade masks to help us keep track of each other. What do you think of my second look? 

xo | dré 

fringe bikini top | Xhilaration 
shorts | Forever 21
earrings | Charlotte Russe
bangles | H&M 
lipstick | Limecrime No She Didn't 
bag | Mossimo 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Carnaval Day 1

During my trip to Dominica, we just so happened to be in the country while Carnaval was going down. With such a festive and lively occasion, I found it my duty to dress for it!

The first of the the two day event included a huge parade, complete with gaudy costumes, lots of walking, and dancing into the night. These yellow hot pants I found while shopping in Portsmouth, were the perfect accompaniment for my day! Do you love them as much as me?

xo | dré 

top | Xhilaration 
hot pants | Chocolate Italy 
sandals | Rocawear 
bag | Mossimo 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Hour(s)

During my friends' visit to DC, we ventured to one of my fav happy hour spots -- Dirty Martini. (Best Southsides in the city, y'all!) One hour turned to two, then three, eventually ending up at GBD (donuts for dessert!). I love to rendezvous with old friends, meet new ones, and share lots and lots of deep belly laughs. Now that's a trend that's always in style. 

xo | din 

sweater | second hand
ring | Topshop
skirt | One Love
tights | The LOFT
boots | Fergalicious

location | DuPont Circle, Washington, DC
pictured w/ Sy

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Birthday Dinner

March has been a crazy month! Not only did I get recently get back from the Caribbean, but I also just came back from fashion week last weekend! My birthday happened while I was away, and my good friend had her dirty thirty last week. My crew isn't one to overlook our big days, so tonight it's girls night out. I can't wait for a tasty dinner and hysterical convo! I decided to be fancy ;)

xo | dré 

striped blazer | H&M 
cropped top | Forever 21
tutu | DIY
heels | BCBG 
turquoise cuff | gift
skull bracelet | Vancouver flea market
cupcake charm bracelet | Alex and Ani ( bday gift from din! )
rings | gifts
polish | OPI Don't Touch My Tutu ( fitting, no? )

Check out my beauty essentials for the night! 

Pureology Color Fanatic ~ to protect and tame my hair during heat styling.
Bead Head Totally Baked ~ to give my hair a little bit of texture and body.
Sebastian Shaper ~ to keep all my strands in place.
Tan Towels ~ to give my skin a golden glow! Hey, I realize that I just got back from the Caribbean, but it's always nice to amp it up a little bit! ( thx din! )
Pink Sugar ~ because my sweet tooth goes beyond my appetite ;)

Monday, March 24, 2014


Two of my friends from WA are visiting so we took a couple hours to walk around the National Mall. Per usj, swarms of people were also out and about (some local, some tourist). Among the black, white, and concrete buildings, there stood this giant mass. This is how I captured it. 

What are your favorite art sculptures in DC?

xo | din

shades| Aldo
earrings | find in Eastern Market
ring | Topshop
blazer | H&M
sleeveless blouse | Trouvé
skinny jeans | The LOFT
boots | Fergalicious
manicure | OPI Push and Shove

sculpture | Alexander Calder, Tom's, 1974

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Constitution in Black & White

code name: drédin
code name: drédin
code name: drédin
code name: drédin
code name: drédin

Every corner of the world has a message, a history. In the capital of the United States, this couldn't be more true. The Constitution may be read in black and white, but the hearts it serves beat in every color of the rainbow. 

Something is always stirring in Washington, DC-- a thought, an idea. Potential awaits in the wings waiting for its moment to emerge.

xo | din 

shades | Aldo
blouse | Trouvé
blazer | H&M
jeans | The LOFT
clutch | Mystique
boots | Fergalicious

location (columns) | United States National Archives

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Splish Splash

My love for the ocean runs deep. Put me next to a warm one, and I'm in it!! 

xo | dré 

fringe top | Xhilaration 
bottoms | H&M 

Monday, March 17, 2014

[ Nail File : ] Push and Shove

We are loving Gwen Stefani's collaboration with OPI, Push and Shove! This metallic reflecting polish will make you oooh and aaah over your nails all night (but try not to stare at them if you're on a date). It's foil finish can be achieved in a short application time if you've got steady hands and are a polishing pro! If not, don't worry, take your time. It's worth the wait. 

Things to note: The base coat, Lay Down that Base, dries fairly quickly. When applying Push and Shove, depending on your bottle's brush, you may notice that the brush leaves streaks as you glide it over your nail. Don't worry! Add a tiny bit more of polish to your brush on your second coat. It'll smooth out those lines as it dries. Remember, no top coat! Finally, it's categorized as a one night only wear polish because, like foil, it imprints. Still, you can probably get a couple days out of it before it starts looking too rough.

Okay, rock star. You're ready for your duet! Pick up OPI Push and Shove at your local beauty supply store, or order here.

xo | drédin
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