Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hudson & Crane, Interior Style

pictured with hudson & crane co-founder, Jaye Langmaid
I walked up to Hudson & Crane for the first time in early December. The minute I saw the store front my heart started to flutter. It was beautiful and I knew I was about to walk into a dream come to life.

Who's dream, you ask? That would be Jaye's. Jaye, co-creator of Hudson & Crane, and I met a couple years ago and I recall his strong affinity for quality interior design. Of course because my eye is more keen on styling with clothing and accessories, hearing about Jaye's work transforming a physical space was always enticing. Though I didn't know that the creative wheels were driving towards opening a store, there was no doubt that Jaye was riding on potential and it was just a matter of time before he was going to arrive at something big.

Big dream, accessible space. Once I stepped inside, it was bright and full of eye-catching items (lighting, art, and of course, furniture! See the fur chaise lounge below; so comfortable! ). Several other guests were already enjoying cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and in line at the check out counter. A unique aspect of this store is that the items on the floor have various price points. Which is fun because you can pop in after brunch in Adam's Morgan and walk out with a fun, affordable treat to bring home.

every dentist needs this chair, just saying

The opening was also the first time I met Lyric, the second half of the Hudson & Crane dream come true. In fact, she helped me pick out my first purchase. Lyric is every bit pleasant as she is knowledgeable. No doubt as this is not her first rodeo. She passionately shared details of their store's features. Each proving that a stylish, functional home was accessible to all DMV residents. I must say, business partners Jaye and Lyric truly have something special here…and fun!

Oh, and as for the store's name, it's the perfect pairing of two affinity's-- one Lyric's, one Jaye's.

Here are a few great things you need to know about Hudson & Crane:
- You see. You like. You buy. It's rare you'll see the same thing twice as product turnover is frequent. I like this because it doesn't force customers to wait for a new season to see fresh items.
- Personal Decorator, at your service. If you're like me, interior decorating is as confusing as flying Air Force 1. Where do I start?! Fortunately, Hudson & Crane will set you up with a knowledgeable team decorator to assist you with your interior design needs. The low consultation cost of $500 goes towards the first purchases for your place-- beautiful!
- It's affordable, promise. When I first read that the items they carry were "affordable" I thought to myself: What are they considering affordable? This is DC after all! In all honesty, I popped in with a friend before Christmas and walked away with an item that was $3.

my first h&c purchase: Bergamot + Teak candle (Hudson & Crane candle was free with purchase!)
Interior design impaired, I walked away with the candle. I'll save the actual designing for the H&C professionals! I am so inspired by the options in the store (and all the options they have access to!). Take a look at a few photos from your new favorite store below.

dc neighborhood candles are a huge hit!

Come check out this amazing store for yourself! Join me this evening for "Hooters" Happy Hour at Hudson & Crane! This isn't your typical District HH-- it's better. Learn how to upgrade your bartending skills for all those get-togethers you promised you'd host this year. Tonight's mixers are from Owl's Brew, a staple brand at the store. What's more, they're 15% off tonight, as well as glassware.

See, told you you'd like it here.

Happy home, happy life.

xo | din

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