Friday, November 30, 2012

How about a splash of COLOR??

It was a typical morning in November. I woke up, made my way to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror. Before me stood a person who just a few weeks ago I thought was beautiful, but somehow that had faded(literally) more quickly than I had anticipated :(

I recently got back from a trip to Mexico for a fairytale wedding and my favorite souvenir was my golden tan! It went hand in hand with my fabulous ombré hair, which I had worked so long to achieve! But now, it was tan that is..I had become as pale as I could be, my hair blended into my skin, and I felt officially BLAH!!

Tired of the typical "go blonde in the summer" and "go dark in the fall", I decided to give my locks a bit more variety. Purple it is!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jumping for Julep!!

Fall/Winter 2012 is upon us....and you know what that means...CHANGE IN FASHION!!! While the majority of us are eager to hit up our favorite stores to indulge in the season's latest trends, others may be more limited due to insufficient funds in their pocketbook.

Don't despair! Changing your nail color may possibly be one of your most inexpensive options while giving an always appreciated "pick me up". And what's even more exciting is that this season there is a nail color sure to suit you...don't believe me? How about Oprah!?!!

Oprah's favorite things are here again, and on the list is Julep! This unique nail salon started in Seattle, Washington back in 2007 and has really grown into something amazing! There are now four locations all in the Seattle area, but for those that live far away, there is an option for you to get in on the action! By clicking on this link, you can start to explore! Take their quiz and find out what your style profile is. You can then decide if you would like to become a Maven and get a personalized box of nail colors and product delivered to you every month! And it gets better...ALL of the polishes are FREE of toxins! Now that's a reason to be jolly!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

j'adore dior

The minute I saw these shoes, I knew it would be a life or death situation for Dré.

Dior RTW Fall 2012 Ballet heel has been seen on runways and magazine spreads like Mila's Dior campaign to the left.

Owning a pair would be nothing short of divine. Until then, we'll love the trend, and its substitute.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TOMS has got our Vote

Today's election day, and no matter which side you're rooting for, it doesn't matter unless you VOTE. And what better way to vote in style than with TOMS.

Look trendy AND help someone in need? TOMS One for One Canvass Classics have got our vote!

TOMS Vote 2012 Classics are available here, in the above style and others.
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