Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

The UNCF An Evening of Stars Fashion Show was a great success, but like all good things, it had to come to an end. And let me tell you, there was no better way to end the evening than with House Of Isaac Andrew.

The man behind the clothes, Isaiah Whitmore, is a true diamond in the rough. He is a breath of fresh air for the Seattle fashion scene with a fresh and original point of view. He said his collection that he designed for this particular evening was inspired by architecture. I believe that he executed this to a "T" and all eyes were glued to each and every piece that stomped the runway.

Critics that I had the opportunity to speak with say that House Of Isaac Andrew was "their favorite of the evening" as well as others that have seen numerous collections of his say, "He is so awesome! Everything he does is amazing! This is only the beginning for him....I know he is going to go far!"

Isaiah definitely "shines bright like a diamond". He's lighting up all of Seattle <3

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When the Stars Go Blue

The UNCF An Evening of Stars Fashion Show definitely went off with a bang as the high tempo beat to the music for Stateena's Dollhouse hit the runway. Then it was brought down a notch.

Nothing could have brought out the true essence of Seattle more than Peter Czar's collection and his music choice. The gloomy yet sultry music made me feel as if I were strutting down the streets of Seattle on a drizzly afternoon. The clothing was a mixture of masculine and feminine with an assortment of trenches, trousers, and ponchos. Although I did not get the opportunity to meet Peter himself, I thoroughly enjoyed the ensemble he designed for me to wear. As you can see, it has the perfect pieces for any Seattle woman's wardrobe.

Peter's accomplishments include:
  • 1st place winner for Neiman Marcus styling competition 
  • 1st place award for the Goodwill Glitter Gala, 2010 
  • Designed and produced an evening gown for the Fashion Director for the AIS Fashion Show, 2011  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

UNCF Evening Of Stars

This last weekend I had the honor of walking in a fashion show for UNFC An Evening of Stars. This organization raises awareness and funds to support scholarships for minority and low-income students to attend colleges/universities across the country.

The first designer I walked for was Monique Sateena. Let me tell you, there is nothing little about this twinkling star other than her frame! Monique competed on cycle 7 of America's Next Top Model and since has done runway for 7 years along with appearing in movies and many commercials and print adds. She now is designing and has an online boutique called Stateena's Dollhouse.

 Below is a photo of the sexy romper I strutted in down the runway and beside me is Alexandra Wilson, 2011 winner of Spokane's Top Model!

It was an incredible night! Stay tuned for the other "Stars" I walked for!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cover Story - { Jan13 }

W. is for Winner

She's a winner. Jessica Chastain's role in Zero Dark Thirty, a film directed by Kathyrn Bigelow about the decade long search for Osama Bin Laden, captured the attention of many in the film biz. If you've been following award season, then you know Critic's Choice and Golden Globes were very kind to Ms. Chastain awarding her with Best Actress in a category with very strong competition. Fortunately for her, the accolades don't stop there as she's been nominated in three more ceremonies-- all while her new horror flick Mama surpasses ZDT in the box office.

For this month's cover of W. Magazine, Jessica muses in the literal portrayal of when art and fashion meet. It must have been a blast to work creatively with these different artists. After wrapping two box office hits, it's probably just what she needed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{ Inside Story }

In September, I was asked to do a shoot for a surfboarding/snowboarding/skateboarding magazine. Of course I assumed that I'd be doing hair. Wrong. I later found out that I would in fact be posing along with another model and a pro-snowboarder of a smaller a bikini.

I was down for the experience! It seemed like it could be fun! After all, it would give me a chance to come into contact with some new people to make connections with, and bring out my inner snowboarder(or something! haha)!

Turns out the young man below is Austen Sweetin. He graced the cover of Snowboarder magazine in 2010, and now he was being shot for a French magazine called Desillusion. It's a magazine for anyone that has a sport on a board. The story for the photograph is "Here is this short snowboarder kid, surrounded by these tall sexy ladies! A whole lot of woman for him!" I'm the mistress on the left ;)

The photograph was shot by Peter Line, who is actually on the cover of this issue of the magazine. While he shot, there were some French videographers filming the whole thing. It was a great time and definitely different from anything I've ever done! If anyone is interested in getting their hands on a copy of this, you can go to It ships from France so it can take up to 8 weeks to receive.

Happy Winter! And if this doesn't inspire you to hit the slopes....maybe you can just be inspired to look like a cute snow bunny;)


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hair Rx

If anyone out there is like me in the morning, you're constantly running late! Between showering, trying to find something fabulous to wear, and painting my face to perfection, it seems that I always spend the least amount of time styling my hair. Lucky for me, I'm a professional, so I can whip up a terrific 'do in no time! But for those without as much skill, I have a new find that will dry your hair in about one third less time (at least that was the case for me)!!

Whether your hair is crazy long, crazy thick, or you really are just crazy late, check out this spray by 12 Benefits! Besides the fact that this is a quick dry spray, here is a list of what you can expect from this product.

  • Shortens blow dry time
  • Protects cuticle with Moroccan argan oil
  • Reduces stress on hair from brushing
  • Prevents blow-dryer dry out
  • Provides exquisite shine
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Controls frizz
  • Flat iron sealer
  • Prevents static
  • Gives curly or hard to manage hair discipline
  • Adds softness and a silky feel
  • Anti-age formula keeps hair youthful

You can go to to find a local retailer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Going Baroque for Must Have Fashion

Sometimes when there's a hot new trend,
                    you just have to step out  

| Style Me | 

It may be some time before we're donning a complete wardrobe of Dolce & Gabbana, but that's where creative minds come out right. Hot off the runway? Not quite. Wearable, affordable, and hella cute? Triple check.

There's no need to go Baroque over this hot trend. Just take note of the exquisitely crafted embellishments and make it your own! Check out these finds:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Black Swan

I love mixing the "expected" with the "unexpected", and that's what I was really going for in my latest photo shoot.

I am ever inspired by ballet as I used to dance myself and find it so fluid and beautiful. This passion of mine had to be put into print and so it began.

The movie Black Swan was the perfect feeling for the direction I wanted my photos to go. It was such a dark movie with so much mystery, it would be the perfect piece of art left for each individuals interpretation. Now for the surprise five year old daughter Kiya! She is a little ballerina herself with a love for the camera. Although a child posing for something seeming so dark may be controversial for some, we really had a blast. We just told her to do whatever she felt and these are the results! We took care of the lighting to give it the effect I was going for and the rest of the magic was played out by my little star! There is nothing ugly about this little duckling:)

Model: Kiya Malczewska
Hair: Dré Malczewski
Wardrobe: Dré Malczewski
Makeup: Monet
Photography: Miguel Gaona


Sunday, January 13, 2013

studs & spikes

I don't know how long my obsession with studs and spikes will last, but I'm in no rush to send this trend to the back of my closet. Here's a few bold looks I've been eyeing:

Spiked finger clutch; Jeffrey Campbell Holy Cross wedge, here; Nasty Gal Spiked Moto Jacket, here; Bardot heart studded clutch, here; Nasty Gal Spiked Chiffon Moto Jacket, here; McQueen gold Pavé skull clutch; vintage clutch found during my visit to the French Quarters; Giuseppe Zanotti 'Wild Africa' sandals, here; Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski crystal spiked wedge, here.

D&G Dea Lace Clutch

Anyone else in la-la-love? Tell me about it, Stud. (;

Top photo courtesy of A Bold Statement blog. Don't know who created those shoes, they were probably sent from the heavens!

xo | din

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Predictions Please!

I recently read a 2013 prediction. It is forecasting that 2013 will be the year of the double accent nail! Only time will tell if it will be true or false, but either way, we hope you heard the breaking news here first! Let us know your thoughts! Love it or hate it? Let us have it! Below is an image of what to expect!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's celebration! I know I did! drédin wants to know what your fashion picks were for the evening, so please send them to us!

Here is what I turned heads in:
Dress: BCBG | Shoes: Steve Madden | Earrings: Forever 21 | Ring: Forever 21 | Nail polish: OPI "The Living Daylights" from the Skyfall collection; also seen here. Happy 2013!! XOXO Dré
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