Saturday, August 31, 2013

[ August deCODEd ]

Today in DC, the sun's out and it's super warm. GW and Georgetown students are coming in sight by the handful. There's no denying that a new season is upon us.

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But is it possible to hold onto summer just a liiitle bit longer? Code keepers know that drédin has an affinity for the possibility of an infinite summer. Where we can frolic like children and twirl in dresses that make us feel alive. One might even say it's a feeling of enchantment.

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So, surely we don't have to say goodbye to soirées in the park and hours poolside!

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Surely there's a way to keep our bright and bold colors present in an impending wardrobe of cashmere and wool.

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Alas, the month of our Frien-iversary has come to an end. Truth be told, there is a lot to look forward to come fall. This is the first year I'm actually looking forward to the layering trend and boot shopping.

And whipping out transitional pieces like my red cuff from Lilac Bijoux (above) and painting my nails orange. Perhaps even a little Hair Rx: blonde edition to keep the feeling of walkin' on sunshine...

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Hmm.. come to think of it. We've got a pretty good transition in our future! dré's got a few more fashion shows (stay tuned!), we're styling, and (yay!) another reunion! Let's be honest, nothing beats summer. Still, the kick-off to fall isn't lookin' too shabby.

Thanks for reading!

xo | din

Friday, August 30, 2013

[ Polka dot ]

Leave it to polka dots to put me in a good mood! This dress is flirty and fun, and I love the way it moves! To add to the excitement, I'm wearing some vintage 1970's heels my aunt gave me, that she wore back in the day! What do you think?

Dress | Derek Heart
Heels | vintage 1970's given to me by my aunt
Clutch | Steven by Steve Madden
Infinity necklace | Etiquette 
Rings | Forever 21
Nails | OPI Vant To Bite My Neck?

XOXO dré

Thursday, August 29, 2013

[ Enchanted ]

shirt | Sans Souci 
skirt | One Clothing 
shoes | MRKT 
rings | Forever 21 (knuckle), Express (cocktail)
necklace | ModCloth
earrings | M Style
lips | Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural N28
nails | Tart Deco by Essie

Not gonna lie. I love this outfit. I first fell in love with the faux leather skirt and knew it was going to become a staple in my wardrobe. Pairing it with this-- dare I say Etro-esq-- sleeveless blouse was a bonus. The details on this blouse are fantastic. The spiked buttons you see (closer version here) synch the lower back as well. And, what better way to show you care than by adding a compliment-- in the shape of a rhinestone collar!

I just love that feeling of putting something on that transforms the way you feel and move. Needless to say, you'll be seeing me style these pieces in several different ways in the near future. So, what's in your wardrobe that leaves you enchanted?

xo | din

photos | Reflection Photography

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


There is a fairly new boutique that opened recently, right around the corner from the salon I work at in Seattle, called Etiquette. Between my morbid curiosity and the enticing window displays, I had no choice but to check out the scene. 

The store is definitely full of good finds for extremely affordable prices, though there are a good share of items that seem cheap as well. Among the treasures the store did have to offer, I stumbled upon this infinity necklace and earring ( pictured above in the cartilage of my ear ), which of course is the most glorious number ever, sideways! You best believe I snatched that up! Unfortunately for din, it was the last one, or I'd have snagged her one as well! What do you think of my new ice? 

Infinity necklace and earring | Etiquette 

XOXO dré

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[ Inspire Me ]

Alice + Olivia Fall 2013 RTW

Fashion changes quite frequently and whether or not I choose to follow it trend by trend, I'm always being inspired by things around me. Watching fashion shows online, visiting, browsing my fashion magazines, visiting art galleries, or even just walking the historic streets of DC are ways that I stay fashionably inspired. How about you?

xo | din

See the complete Alice + Olivia Fall 2013 Ready to Wear line here.
You can find more inspiration on Pinterest and Bloglovin', too!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Totes Free

I recently bought a new fragrance, and was pleasantly surprised when I went up to the counter to purchase it, and they handed me this neon tote, as a gift with purchase! I'd say it's pretty cute for free! I styled it with a white dress and gold accents so each piece I'm wearing can stand out. Do you like it?

Dress | Mossimo Supply Co.
Heels | Jessica Simpson 
Bag | gift with purchase of Taylor by Taylor Swift fragrance ( which smells amazing might I add!! )
Necklace | Goodwill
Ring | Forever 21
Nail polish | OPI Ogre The Top Blue

XOXO dré 

[ Nail File: ] Orange You Glad There's a Disco?

First coat

Second coat

Third coat with Seche Vite

Essie | Saturday Disco Fever
Top Coat | Seche Vite Dry Fast


For the most part, I'm an OPI kinda girl. It's the go-to, reliable brand for nail color both subtle and funky. Every once in awhile an Essie color catches my attention so I give it a shot. This time it's a bold orange color. One thing I have found in my personal experience with Essie is that it takes a lot of coats. Usually it's because of the consistency, but this time it was because of the dullness! After the first coat, it immediately started drying-- awesome! But it dried to a dull color-- not so awesome.

I added a second coat and it held some, but I took the photo before the dullness set in once again. Without a top coat, I would have been in trouble. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat to the rescue! It added the intended shine, and I'm out the door in 5.

These two products are a pair. And I intend to wear them both several times this fall!

xo | din

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Holding On

Sadly, summer is winding down, so I made sure that I went to the last performance of the Summer Concert In The Park series, in my local area. In tribute to the last of these warm evenings, I went for one of my most summery dresses and bright shoes to pair with it. What do you think?

Dress | Forever 21
Wedges | Charlotte Russe
Bead purse | Value Village
Sunglasses | Charlotte Russe
Locket | Goodwill
Bracelets | H&M 
Rose ring | Forever 21
Yellow crystal ring | Lia Sophia

XOXO dré

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ay, Ay Capt'n

This past weekend I took a day trip up to historic Annapolis. It was great! Even though it's small ground to cover, I didn't finish discovering all that's there-- museums, antique shops, restaurants; etc. 

Fortunately, I was able to stop into the unique Lilac Bijoux. I saw this red cuff in the window and knew I'd regret leaving it behind! A few doors down at Lou Lou I found this anchor ring. Of course so much of the souvenirs in Annapolis are anchor themed [ home of the US Naval Academy and all ], but this ring in particular caught my eye.

I've already worn them and they pair so nicely together. No?

I definitely recommend Lilac Bijoux if you're shopping in Annapolis. Lots of fun, unique items and the shop owner is so sweet!

xo | din

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I have to be honest. When it comes to football, two things excite me.  1.Seeing Gisele Bündchen in the stands cheering on her husband, Tom Brady ( I really heart Gisele!! )  2. When the Seahawks are actually doing so well, that there is a fighting  chance they will make it to the Super Bowl, and possibly be able to claim the victory that was ripped away from them by the Steelers in '06. Apart from those things, I could really care less.

However, being a sucker for cute fashion, I had to snatch this T when I came across it ( on clearance might I add ) at Target! I mean, hey! It is football season after all! And I may not speak football, but this Arian Foster T definitely speaks to my inner yogi! 


Arian Foster Namaste T | Target
Jeans | True Religion 
Heels | BCBG 
Sunglasses | A|X
Gold panther ring | Catier
White stone ring | Nordstrom 

XOXO dré

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[ Summer Chill ]

It's starting to be that in between point where the weather is in a dance between summer and fall. Of course, if you've been keeping up with the code this summer, you know where our alliances lie. Below I've shared how you can get that ebb and flow to work for you, especially when the evening chill of summer kicks in.

xo | din

H&M leather biker jacket, $299 | H&M shoulder bag, $24.95 | Astr faux leather beaded crop top, $68 | Elizabeth and James cat's eyes sunglasses, $195 | Tildon mesh mix pencil skirt, $48 | Mango touch - flower ring, $24.99 | Sole Obsession Rabia bootie, $59.94

Take a peak at more options for your summer dance that has you flirting with the edge of fall:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Outside The [ Box ]

When it comes to art, I love a challenge. Trying something I don't normally do, to push myself in new ways, seeing what I'm capable of. So when I was asked to help this young lady, who is just starting her senior year, to change her look, I was up for the challenge!

Some may not know this, but the salon I work at is a specialty salon. This means that everyone specializes in one particular thing. Mine is design, which is only cutting and styling. I do not touch hair color. I was however, raised by a mother, who is a color champ, so I do have an eye for it! 

Although I'm not as confident in this area of hair, I decided go outside the box of my comfort zone, and  get her as blonde as she requested! She was happy with the results, and I was too! What do you think of her new look?

XOXO dré
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