Saturday, June 29, 2013

[ Vibrancy ]

Welcome to the world of living powerfully. Through your closet that is! I introduce to you the new venture from Rebecca Recant: Wardrobe Vibrancy.
Rebecca Recant - Wardrobe Vibrancy
As a stylist, I know how important it is for a client to feel confident in what they put on. When we leave our homes each day, our schedules demand us to focus on the task at hand, not whether or not the seam in our skirt will last through lunch. [ Women of DC, can I get an amen!? ]

Becca is a stylist and a DC professional who is known for bringing her chic, feminine attire into the office. Through Wardrobe Vibrancy, Becca has taken her styling credits to the next level by not only offer styling tips, but showing clients how to relate powerfully to their wardrobe so that everyday they feel inspired, powerful, and beautiful when they head out the door.

"I want to support you in being who you are through the clothes you put on every day!"

There's no denying that sometimes we put our wardrobe woes to the back of our minds ("Too busy"..."No shopping funds"..."I hate the mall!"), and the reality is that our wardrobes are a part of our demeanor and occurring to ourselves and others. [ FLOTUS isn't in sweats for a reason, y'all! ] Becca knows her clients are up to big things in life, and Wardrobe Vibrancy is there to support that ambition.

Intrigued by Becca's concept, I decided to do an impromptu test on her:

"Becca, if you had 10 seconds to put an outfit together, what would you pick?"

Without hesitation, Becca put the outfit [ above ] together meanwhile explaining why she chose those pieces and what they meant for her. Now that's powerful.

xo | din

Contact Becca about transforming how you relate to your wardrobe at

Friday, June 28, 2013

Who's That Girl
Rachae Thomas | LA Film Festival 2013
You've probably seen her during the commercial break of your favorite show, or if you're a Lie To Me fan, then you've seen her on your favorite show.

Rachae has a personality that will capture you in an instant. It's emphasized with a bright smile, defined cheek bones, and natural curls that will make you want to run out and get a perm! Well, maybe not quite a perm, but you may consider storing away your flat iron for a day or two. All in all, from numerous commercial gigs and the small screen to Shakespeare and musicals, she's got everyone asking: Who's that girl?

I've had the pleasure to call Rachae a friend for a number of years now. It's always been exciting to see each new role she'd take on whether it would be acting or singing (girl can sang y'all!), and she now adds silver screen to her credits with her role as Katrina in Life of a King which just premiered at the LA Film Festival on June 22.

She's one of those girls who can wear a paper bag and still be as beautiful as ever! So, deciding on what to style her in wasn't so difficult. For this relatively casual red carpet affair, my vision was summer sunset orange, and we were able to capture that by adding that color heel to a whimsical lace dress.

Orange is a fun substitute for red when you are looking to add contrast to your dress.
Rachae Thomas as Katrina in Life of a King starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Be sure to keep a look out for Rachae's upcoming projects because there's no doubt her performance will leave you agreeing she's that girl.

xo | din

Rachae Thomas plays Katrina, daughter of Eugene (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) in Life of a King. Read The Hollywood Reporter's LAFF review here.

photo courtesy | Joe Scarnici for Getty Images

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Hundred Different Pieces [ Part 2 ]

We're crazy.

Crazy about all the possibilities when it comes to this art called fashion. And, what's so exciting is that many of our readers have expressed that they eagerly wait to see what we'll get into (or step into) next!

Yes, Google Reader is going away, but bloglovin' is here to stay! Here's a step by step on how to keep up with codename: drédin courtesy of Nutrionella.

 What it offers:

This is what you'll see!:
Thanks for the lovin'.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Results Are In!

Exactly one week ago I decided to be a test subject for all of your convenience, to see if the new Vinylux polish by CND held up to its promises. Just as a refresher, in case you missed it, the polish claims to last 1 week without chipping.

I'm pleased to tell you that it's half true. I didn't bother photographing my left hand because it indeed is chip free! My right hand however  (which is my dominant hand ), does have a couple nicks. Below you can see the evidence.

My verdict: All in all it's a pretty amazing polish. If your nails tend to chip as easily as mine usually do, it definitely lasts longer than a day or two. For those whose nails don't chip much, my prediction is the polish would most definitely last one whole week for you....chip free!


Monday, June 24, 2013

A Hundred Different Pieces [ Part 1 ]

Oh, bother.

So if you haven't heard yet, Google Reader is going away! We are so thrilled to have so many readers and want to be sure everyone is aware of this change taking affect on July 1.

How to keep up with the code: It's super easy! Simply head over  Bloglovin' and click the follow button. Seriously, that's it.

To all our readers [ current and future blog followers ], thank you for your support and bloglovin'!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

[ Play Date ]

What better way to have a play date with the sun than a sun hat to offer shade and a summery dress? So grateful to have been out and about this past weekend because the forecast in the DMV is atrocious this week!

black sun hat | Nine West 
cut out dress with black buttons | Forever21
pearl cross ring | Forever21
mauve suede heels | Jessica Simpson
black woven leather bag w/ chain strap | Miztique

xo | din

location: Adams Morgan        
photography: Becca

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Love Rock 'n' Roll!!

Today is the 5th anniversary for the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll marathon and half marathon, and I'm so excited to be participating! Out of approximately 25,000 runners that have entered each year, there are just over 600 that have participated all 5 years, and I'm one of them! That means I get a special bib number AND a special shirt!

This is my fun outfit I'm rocking out through the streets of Seattle today!

My ultra fabulous mother is running the race with me! Since we are a pair, we have to match! This way there's no losing each other;)

This fun red shirt is what all the participants received for being part of the race.

Top, Sports Bra, Running Skirt, and Cropped Black Pants | Lululemon

Shoes | Nike 7.0


Friday, June 21, 2013

[ shade ]

You know that feeling when you've been searching for an item for years and finally you just happen upon it? 
Yup, that one.
That's exactly how I felt when I stumbled across this Nine West straw hat at Macy's. Now [even more than before!] I'm looking forward to all the outdoor concerts this summer!

xo | din

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

It's summertime! It's hot hot hot! Time to play!!!!

Camouflage bikini | Bikini 101

Yellow bikini | Victoria's Secret

Sunglasses | Armani Exchange

Beanie | Spacecraft


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

There is a brand new nail polish on the market by CND called Vinylux. Many of you may be familiar with Shellac, a gel polish that is made by the same company, which is only offered in salons. The Shellac manicure is supposed to last up to 4 weeks, but requires a UV light to set it. Vinylux claims to last for 1 week without the use of the UV light. There are specific nail colors the line has, which you are directed to apply 2 coats of, and then you finish it off with one coat of the Weekly Top Coat.

I'm extremely intrigued by this because I love having my nails polished, but between doing hair and doing dishes, my nails are usually chipping by day 2! So here I am testing it out for all of you and giving my honest feedback. In 1 week I will let everyone know if it lasted through the wears and tears of my daily lifestyle.

The colors I'm wearing are Lobster Roll and Lilac Longing.

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