Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Outtakes

There's always a space for an emoji! Read more.
Summer is a time to get out and explore, and the month of August was definitely full of that. As you've read, dré wasn't so much California Dreamin'...she was there soaking up the sun!

And, din moved from Georgetown in Washington, DC to a cute neighborhood in Arlington, VA. Taking a break from unpacking and organizing meant exploring the area. Besides, with new wheels...why not?!
Orange + fuchsia; two colors that compliment din's eyes. Read more.
We've said it before, and we'll keep saying it...we belong in California! Read more.

You know that wherever we went, we made a splash! Color, sparkle, and a couple fairytales for summer and fall kept us inspired this month.

That and Glitter Off polish and Oil Wonders products. Those alone are enough to get any fashionista out bed!

din's look to the "Once Upon A Time" fashion show
There are some "Last Chance" pieces that need to be stored after Labor Day, white isn't one of them. Read more.
din out and about in her new neighborhood!
dré's oldest turned 8! A #sweethuit it was-- read more.

We look forward to more adventures that encourage us to call and check in on our friends and family. We love adventure! Still, we know that no matter where we escape to (and how much fun we're having), there's no place that's quite like home.

din visits Baltimore, MD to cheer on the Seattle Mariners. Anyone see her on tv? Read more.

Thanks for reading this month!
xo | drédin

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Chance

Tomorrow is the last day of August. Although I will continue to revel in every warm day until fall is upon us, there are certain items in my wardrobe that I feel I need to retire until next summer...or until I'm on an island.

This last year, I spent my birthday in Roseau, Dominica. My hubby had taken me out for a fab lunch and tastey treats, which of course led to shopping ( don't all things lead to shopping?! ). I really wanted to find something unique from that city to always remind me of my trip. 

I came across this 2-piece set from a vendor by where the cruise ships were coming in. I fell in love with the print of the fabric and knew it was a must. So here is my final chance in 2014 to rock this look from the island. Summer, I love you! You'll always be in my heart! Until next year...

xo | dré 

2 piece set | street vendor in Roseau, Dominica
wedges | Mossimo 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Don't Hide Your Sparkle

Don't hide your sparkle. You never know to whom it's giving hope.

xo | din 

glitter polish | Pop the Cork! by OPI
base coat | Orlon Base Coat by Orly

Trouble removing your glitter polish? Here's a helpful tip, read more.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

California Dreamin'

It's that time of year again. The season that most moms are practically doing handsprings for, back-to-school, has me feeling saddened. This summer has been so fun and next week it's back to the grind.

These photos are from my final day in Cali...I. Did. Not. Want. To. Leave. It was such a beautiful and perfectly warm day, but I was cold in my car with the A/C on, and hot when I turned it off, so I just through on my new sweater that I got at Lulu in San Francisco. It's so comfy, I'm beyond obsessed with it!

So for now, I'll just dream of California, the great time we had together, and continue to count down the days until I can live in a sunshine paradise year-round. 

xo | dré 

sweater | Lululemon 
top | H&M 
shorts | H&M 
sandals | dolce vita

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It should come as no surprise that men's fashion is extending further than the city limits of NYC, the "go to be seen" venues, and our favorite musicians. In fact, it doesn't take an ESPY awards show to showcase these style conscious fellas. No longer will their credit belong to athletic ability alone, but athletes-- and men across the board-- have truly stepped their game up when it comes fashion forward menswear. From tailored suits to sweet accessories, and risk-taking pattern blending, these men are dapper.

Keep up with the code to get the break down of how you, or someone you love, can vamp up a wardrobe. Yes! Menswear coming soon to the blog. Folks will be taking a double take at your elevated style-- including me. (Just hopefully not whilst driving my new car..)

xo | din

photos | Balenciaga, code name: drédin, Getty Images, GQ, What's He Wearing

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The City By The Bay

San Francisco is such a fun city! The last time I went was 4 years ago. It wasn't long enough then, and it wasn't long enough this time either. 

The morning after I arrived there started out to be a beautiful day. Glorious sunshine and about 80°. My that changed quickly! By 6pm it was no more than 65° with some pretty gusty winds. Although this made walking the city a bit unpleasant, I was able to find a bit of humor in it with my mom, as we had encountered various struggles along our trip. After all, if you don't laugh, you'll cry!

Trying to avoid the cold, we made sure to stop in as many shops as possible. Wonton soup hit the spot for us in Chinatown, and I found a fabulously cozy sweater at Lululemon to keep me from loosing it on our way back to our hotel. Dare I mention we bought 5 gourmet cupcakes and devoured every one of them once we got to our room?!

I adore what I wore for the 80° day! The 65° day? Not so much! Do you like it?

xo | dré 

kimono | H&M 
cropped top | DECREE
shorts | H&M 
heels | Guess
bag | TJ Maxx
earrings | Lia Sophia
necklace | Forever 21

Monday, August 25, 2014

Come With Me To Pixie Hollow

They say that Disneyland is "the happiest place on earth". I know I was feeling pretty happy while I was there and I have so many fun memories! 

One of the many highlights of my day was walking through Pixie Hollow. I love all the Tinker Bell movies and they did a great job of bringing the set to life. It was so whimsical and full of fantasy! How fun to feel like a fairy. I mean, I have always wanted to fly!  

My outfit was perfect for my Disney adventure. I made sure to be super comfy since we were there over 14 hours! My denim button-down was a perfect extra that transitioned me from a hot day to a cooler evening. And this is one of my favorite rompers. The color, fabric, and fit are a great summer combo! 

I can't wait until my next fairy tale adventure! 

xo | dré

denim button-down | Forever 21
romper | Forever 21
shoes | Toms
fedora | Merona
sunglasses | Old Navy
bow ring | topper on a cupcake 
cuff | local vendor at Yakima Summer Nights

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Fairytale for Fall

The only reason I would want to jump to Fall season is when I see collections like Alice + Olivia F2014RTW come down the runway. I can't wait to wear that is the thought that comes to mind. Then, the sun and warmth start breaking through the cold and the idea is pushed to the back of my mind until the weather cools.

I'm so inspired by this collection by Stacey Bendet who said, "The clothes are dark, sexy, and all tying back to a Victorian element." Color, sleek, feminine, rock-- it's all here. Bring it on Fall!

Here are some key pieces to build this inspired look:

1. Lace Body Suit
H&M | $24.95

2. Jumper
Misguided | Roksana, $35.98

3. Lace Tights
Wolford | Evelyn, $58

4. Color
Chi Chi London | $108.34

H&M | $59.95

5. Vintage Jewelry
Charming Charlie | Pearl and Stone Choker, $15

6. Pointed Toe
Levity | Harper, $49.95

I hope you have fun creating your fairytale fall wardrobe! 
May the colors be rich and your silouette sultry!

xo | din

photos | + Oliva (shop the new collection here.)
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