Thursday, May 30, 2013

8 Wave Catchers

Day Four. Today is the final day for our 8 Wave Catchers, and it's time to get your fringe on! I'm a bit obsessed with Native American themed apparel ( you should see my moccasin collection! ), so when this fringe trend came out, I got pretty excited! I'm happy to say that the tasseled suits we were seeing last year, not only came back, but brought friends with them.

So save your Rain Dance for the next drought, and join our pow wow for what's hot on this summer trail.
'Zena' Sandal by 7 For All Mankind (Online Only) ~ $94.80

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

8 Wave Catchers

Day Three. Today is all about bringing out your inner feline. That you can look at me but you can't touch me effect, that make the menfolk's knees weak.

Is there a better way to be a feline than to wear one!? Check out this bikini, suit for a tigress, and accessories sure to make you purrrr!

Cat Eye Sunglasses by Tom Ford ~ $380
ByeBabe Panther Flat Thong Sandals by Boutique 9 ~ $139.99

And finally, leave it to Victoria's Secrect Very Sexy bikini collection, to turn heads! The multiple straps hug each curve sensually. The Lion may be the King of the Jungle, but you'll defiantly be ruling the beach! Cover up with these sexy crochet pants, and keep your peepers wrinkle-free with this fun sun hat.

*Want to look like you've been frolicking in the ocean without actually taking the plunge? Spray this Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray through your hair, and you'll be sure to have that beachy texture you desire!

Crochet Cover-Up Pants by Becca ~ $72
Women's Straw Bow Floppy Hat by Minicci ~ $9.99


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

8 Wave Catchers

Day Two. You'll be catching more than waves and rays in these next picks. So grab your summer reading list and play it cool. It's summer time and the living is easy!!


Swim | American Dream
Book | And the Mountains Echoed
Nails | No Room For The Blues
Beach Towel | Topanga by Nate Berkus

Swim | Mandalynn Britt bikini
Cover up | Karmas A Beach by Stone Fox
Refresher | Ginger Shandie
Summer Jams | Selena Gomez Come & Get It, Kat Graham Against The Wall EP, Christina Aguilera ft. Blake Shelton Just A Fool, & Betty Everett It's In His Kiss...

The Summer playlist goes on and on and so does our fav 8 Wave Catchers! Check back tomorrow for more swim picks.

xo | din

Monday, May 27, 2013

8 Wave Catchers

As the heat sets in, the suits come out! Get ready to beat the heat with our 8 Wave Catchers.


Our 4 day campaign of summer must-haves begins with the bandeau. Send up smoke signals in this ERES Paris two-piece. It's a sultry pick with it's delicate strap detail laying over a bandeau top. Or, stay sweet in Miu Miu's sugar pink bandeau one-piece. With the bow embellishment, you can take this look from poolside to your favorite creperie + cafe. Ooh la la!

Alchemie | Essence

Also, check out these fab accessories to help you stay chic in the heat! I love how these pieces compliment both suits. Oui, oui!
1) Butterfly cover up dress by Echo.

2) Vintage large sunglasses by TopShop.

3) Straw sun hat by Seafolly.

xo | din

photo courtesy: ERES Paris, Net-A-Porter, Neiman Marcus, TopShop, Nordstrom

Saturday, May 25, 2013

[ Ring Society ]

Add a little more to the mix. Because it's fun!

During our recent trip to NYC we picked up some great accessories including these knuckle rings. They are a simple, yet great, addition to your current ring collection and they can be manipulated to suit your desired style. (See how we dropped it to the base of our pinkies?) 

The infinity ring that dré wears was picked up from a street vendor near DASH SoHo. Since dré snagged the last one, the gentleman handcrafted one for me right then and there! My spike ring is one of my favs. It's one of those anything that says look at me pieces that I covet.

xo | din

Knuckle rings by Forever21

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo Booth

Our NYC trip was a blur! From our 6am homecoming from Times Square, to shutting down Forever 21 and arriving back at the crib at 4am the following night/morning, it was difficult to remember what day we were on!

But alas, though we had indeed shut down Forever that night, we were only able to scavenge our way through 2 of the 4 floors.....this meant only one thing.....we had to go back the following evening to make doubly sure that no item that belonged in our grasp was left behind! And so begins our next saga.....

The next evening we walked through the doors of this colossal store yet again. Security guards lined the entrances and every floor, dressed in their dapper suits. And, though thousands of people were everywhere, somehow din and I must have made a lasting impression, for as we walked through the entrance, one of the guards that was manning the door the night before ( we will call this guard "Tall Man" ), sees us walk in and says, "Welcome back, ladies." din and I just busted up laughing because we were realizing how ridiculous we are.

No time to waste, we continued through the remaining 2 levels of the store loading up our shopping bags with everything that caught our fancy before proceeding to the fitting rooms to try on our finds. On our way to the rooms we spotted a photo booth and recalled that the last time we had a session was three years prior. We decided that it was a must.

As we made our final selections, we realized it was 1:45am! Shaking our heads in disbelief that once again we were about to get kicked out of the store, we remembered the photo booth and made a  mad dash so that we could capture this ridiculous moment.

Once inside the booth, we see it's $3, so I put one of my dollars in only to realize that between the two of us, we only had 2 $1 bills and $5s! So, din ran to go break a $5 bill while I held down the fort. As I was sitting there waiting for her, I held the curtain back so I could watch for her, and Tall Man came walking over toward me asking if everything was ok. I told him I was just waiting for my friend to break a $5 bill and she would be back any second. He smiled and let me know that the store was closing soon and to try to hurry, but let me know it was ok.

THEN another security guard comes over and starts to snarf at me, "What's going on here? The store is closing down. You need to get out of here." To which Tall Man intervenes and says, "Nah, nah, she's good...this is my future wife." At this moment din arrives with 5 $1s in her hand and jumps into the booth with me. We were sitting there cracking up because nothing had gone smoothly for us the entire day (or the entire trip for that matter!), and as we fed our money into the machine and the camera came on, we were dying because we had been in the rain all day and looked like a couple of hot messes. Then we heard noise outside the booth, looked down, and saw a pair of feet below the curtain. "Smile, ladies." It was all over. There was no recomposing ourselves. Our little giggles turned into snorts and cackles, and escalated every time we heard the computerized voice say, "three, two, one".

Stepping out of the booth to see the horror that was about to be printed, Tall Man is still hangin' out and comments about wanting a picture of us. The photos dropped out of the machine, and in a moment of sleep deprived judgement, din tears away one of the three strips, and hands it to Tall Man saying, "For your troubles." He tucked it in the inside pocket of his suit jacket and as we walked away he said, "Stay beautiful ladies!"

If laughter does the heart good like medicine, then I may never have to go to a doctor again!! Behold the photo booth photos!!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So SoHo

SoHo. Every fashionista has to visit SoHo if they're in NYC. The boutiques are plenty, as well as the street vendors, and it's such a hotspot for liveliness! Unfortunately our weather reporter(s) were wrong and we ended up in the rain the first part of the day-- brr!

First we stopped into Joe's Pizza for another slice of delicious. The gelato store next door was beckoning us, but we were too cold to consider it. Instead, we headed over to Georgetown Cupcakes. I'm pretty sure dré's mouth had been watering for a cupcake since the show aired on TLC. See how excited she is in the picture above? Tell me I'm wrong!

We then stopped into Stumptown Coffee. It's popular on the chill coast, but I didn't realize it was over here, too. Good stuff. And it allowed me to warm up after the rain settled.

In addition to indulging a sweet tooth, we also visited the ever popular DASH SoHo. It's very small and not as unique as we would have expected from the Kardashians.

Another boutique worth mentioning is Think Closet where dré got an awesome black leather wrap around belt. The sales associates were really sweet and I'm glad we stumbled upon it.

Matter of fact, there were some great sales associates in SoHo. They seemed to love what they do-- as a former sales associate myself, I know! One street vendor hand crafted a ring for me since dré got the last one. It's an infinity (pics to come!). Needless to say we're in love with them. Now, they're kinda like friendship rings-- remember those from back in the day?

After our shopping and taking in the sights in SoHo, we met up with some dear, dear friends of mine (and now fast friends of dré's because they share the same affinity for sugar!), Jesse and Cathy, in Little Italy for dinner.

As we were walking back to the car someone tried to get us to go to the "back closet" where all the "Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton" bags were-- non c'est bon!

Then, after dodging the illegals, wouldn't you know that we went back to Times Square for more shopping!? I'm sure you're not surprised. What may leave you surprised is that we shut down the 4 level Forever21-- at 2A!! It was a crazy, fun day that left us laughing AT ourselves. Although long, we did make it back to the apartment before 6A. (:        xo | din

[ dré wears ] Forever21 dress + leaf ring, L.E.I. sandals, Charlotte Russe earrings, Nordstrom ring, MAC Electric Eel eyeshadow, Essie Mint Candy Apple nail polish

[ din wears ] LOFT blouse, H&M shorts, bag (also seen here), sandals old, jacket from Loehmann's

Bucket List Check-off:
Georgetown Cupcakes

Monday, May 20, 2013

Farewell NYC

That's a wrap! We are on our way home-- DC for me and WA for dré. In 5 days and 4 nights, we've eaten delicious desserts, shopped til we dropped (rather when the stores closed...), visited friends, and got less than 48 hrs of sleep. What better way to bid adieu than on the corner of Fashion Avenue!?

xo | din

Stay tuned for more photos + details from our fabulous NYC rendezvous!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bright Lights, Big Apple

Times Square never sleeps, and we took advantage of the limited crowds for a 3am photo shoot! With the bright city lights behind us, here are a few photos we're sharing with you -- all in the name of fashion!!

xo | din

din wears H&M separates; Dolce Vita booties; Lea Sophie ring; dré wears H&M blazer; second hand jumper; Steve Madden zebra booties; Forever21 ring & earrings; DIY bracelets

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Party Don't Stop 'Til 6 In The Mornin'

No joke. You know how we do!

From Central Park to Hoboken, from SOHO to Times Square, we didn't just get around yesterday, we did it fashionably. Our day included a workout in the park (including burpees and high knees!), a stop at Carlo's Bakery, a trip to the NY famous Joe's Pizza (Leonardo DiCaprio approved) in SOHO, a cocktail hour at Broom Street Tavern, and finally a walk all over time square!! In case that doesn't sound time consuming enough, we should let you know we did not hit the hay until 6AM! I guess that's what fashion will do to you!

                                                   Central Park

My friend Niko from Gene Juarez met us for a drink and a slice of Junior's Cheesecake! And check out how din and I got mad photo bombed!

And finally Times Square!

Xoxo dré

Friday, May 17, 2013

So Boss

Today is drédin's first full day in NYC. Among all of our other activities, we had to make a stop in Hoboken, NJ to visit the famous Carlo's Bakery from the TLC show, Cake Boss!

Here are a couple shots from our day, and stay tuned for tomorrow when we show you the rest of our adventures!

xo | drédin

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rendezvous + NYC

Today's the day! Dré and I are on our way to rendezvous in NYC! 

This is our first "getaway" trip together and although we've only shared with you a couple times about it (here + here), we are ecstatic! In fact, we could barely contain ourselves as we said goodbye over the phone when Dré was boarding her flight-- from Gate8 I'll have you know! And, isn't it just perfect that she's coming in her 8 shirt for her first visit to the city?

As for me, I'm driving up on a coach for the 4hr trip. My shoes + wardrobe are safely-- I hope!-- stored underneath. I plan to catch some zzz's, do some work, and maybe catch a few more zzz's. Hey, I've been working weeks on end. A girl needs her beauty sleep (;

We snapped a couple pics before running out the door. Keep checking back as we update you on our fashionable adventure in America's fashion capital!

Blouse | h.i.p.
Sweater | h&m
Jeans | LOFT
Shades | LOFT
Jacket | JouJou
Shoes | MRKT

Top | Forever 21
Pants | Levi's
Booties | Sam Edelman 
Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses | Armani Exchange 
Lipstick | MAC's Morange

xo |  drédin

Monday, May 13, 2013

[ Concrete Jungles ]

The countdown to NYC has commenced!

Dré and I are meeting up in NYC this Thursday. Can you think of a better reunion spot than the fashion capital of the USA?! The home of SJP has so many great sites to see-- from shopping in SoHo to a run in Central Park, we are going to have a blast. We are even visiting The MET  to see the new punk exhibit! I'm beyond excited!!

We want to hear from you!! Where do you think we should take the code? Share your suggestions below in the comments! 

xo | din

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'll Love You Forever, I'll Like You For Always, As Long As I'm Living My Mommy You'll Be

dré and din are here today to wish a happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, but especially to our moms, who brought us into the world and love us unconditionally.

We each have something special to share. Heirlooms that have been passed down to us from the first woman whose style we coveted.


When I was young, my mom gave me this wooden box. She had it when she was little and it was called her "business box". It was a place for her to keep all her special and secret things that were for no one else to see but her. She said she wanted to give it to me so I could have a special place for my secret things.

20 years later, I still have this precious box, and it still has my special things in it. I also found this necklace she gave me tucked away inside. I completely forgot about it but I love it! Such a fun accessory! Is it any wonder that I have such good taste with a mom like mine?


I've always looked up to my mom. Even today. She's the essence of elegance, and embodied it everyday. 

My mother, Amal, was always polished. When she stepped out of the house, she had her Raisinberry lipstick and left a scented trail of L'Air du Temps that made my heart melt. Even if it was a brief trip, at the very least she wore mascara. I guess that's where I get it from!

14 years ago my mom gifted me with several beautiful pieces. Every single piece fits me with perfection. Below are two that I wear every single day. The gold bracelet has my mother's name engraved on it. They're perfect and I love them!

Xo | drédin
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