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Friday, August 21, 2015

Complete Your Outfit With These 5 Accessories!

If you're like me, then your accessories have been indePENDANT on your budget's small allotment for shopping. Well, here are 5 necklaces that will add a statement to your outfit, and the great part is they're all under $50!

Let your star shine with this pendant from House of Harlow, $48

Keepin' it sleek thanks to Charming Charlie's, $15

Prismatic undertones with this stone pendant by Kendra Scott, $45

A delicate reminder of your beauty, strength, and grace from Satya, $48

Lasso this time piece from Charming Charlie's asap!, $13

Shout out your favorites in the comments! 

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Swamp People + Gator Bait

Every two years, the Creole side of my family reunites to reminisce our history, honor our loved ones lost, share laughs, and of! This year's family reunion brought us back to our roots in Louisiana. 

One thing we've never done is a swamp tour. So, my sister was determined that this year was the year we would take to the swamps! Booking a tour with Cajun Encounters, we boarded the Gator Bait with Captain Jonathan at the helm. Since the captain grew up in Slidell, Louisiana, he was no stranger to Honey Island Swamp and zipped through the channels.

The gator above, Bacon, was the first of many we saw. Apparently he got his name after eating an entire pig on a tour! We only fed him marshmallows; I don't think he was disappointed. In fact, all of the gators we saw loved those sweet puffs. Including Priscilla, the largest gator in the swamp who hadn't been seen in a couple weeks, but decided to break her dessert fast for a treat.

Captain Jonathan reminded us that it's been decades since a human was endangered by a gator. So, even though they fed close to the boat, we weren't so nervous. That is until he said something about if the boat capsized we'd be fine as long as we weren't wearing white because it looks like a marshmallow. Gulp.

My sister and step-mom watch the reality show Swamp People, so they had all the idioms like "Give 'em a headache!" and "Choot 'em!" in their pocket. But on the tour, we were only observing. Which I felt we had to remind the good captain when he tried to get giant swamp spiders to climb/jump into the boat!

In addition to alligators, spiders, beautiful scenery, and prayers not to capsize, we saw wild pigs. They were doing what pigs do best––munch. Some of them were pretty cute, especially the baby ones. I couldn't help but think of a time dré, her husband, and I ate delicious wild boar at a restaurant in downtown Seattle. Just being honest!

Overall it was a great tour. Poor outfit choice, but great tour. I definitely recommend that you take a break from the Quarter and head to our side of Louisiana for a tour. Maybe Priscilla will even come say hello.

xo | din

shirt | Mossimo
shorts | Express
sandals | Mix No. 6

din's Travel Notes

Be sure to check out the souvenir shop! There are several great products such as local cooking spices and honey, home décor, and gator meat! I snagged these two sticks and a fleur d'lis for my apartment. I've had gator meat before (now that's a funny video!), but these two are mixed with other meat so we'll see how this experience goes. Who wants to try with me?

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