Sunday, September 29, 2013

[ Vancouver Fashion Week Recap ] Final Look: DON DE XI


dré wears Goldie
dré wears Goldie

Watch the DON DE XI collection and the Vancouver Fashion Week runway come to life here. Keep your eyes glued, dré walks at 7:12, 51:25, and 54:25!

XO drédin

Saturday, September 28, 2013

[ Vancouver Fashion Week Recap ] Lili Ming + IMA

Yesterday, dré took you backstage at the Lili Ming and IMA shows. Today, see those looks transform onto the runway. Above are a few looks from each collection that caught my eye. Including the eye makeup from IMA. Fun, no?

See the Lili Ming show come to life here, and you can catch dré at 7:35, 10:55, and 21:55! Love you some dré? Continue watching at 2:05:25 and 2:07:15 to catch her in IMA!
Check back tomorrow for our final backstage to runway deCODE of Vancouver Fashion Week! 

xo | din

Friday, September 27, 2013

Backstage @ Lili Ming & IMA | Vancouver Fashion Week

It's been a week since I finished walking for Vancouver fashion week, and I know there are people eager to see photos of what I did! Take a walk with me backstage at the shows for Lili Ming and IMA.

Below is a shot of my hair and makeup or Lili Ming. I loved this look! The hair was a soft undone French twist, and the lips were two toned. If you look closely you will see they are orange in the center and hot pink in the corners. I will definitely be stealing this for a makeup look I do in the future!

This collection showcased 5 collections within the collection, and sent over 80 pieces down the runway! I guess when someone tells them to get ready for a show, they don't play!  Below, you will see two of the three dresses I wore down the runway.

The second show I walked in this evening was for IMA. It was so crazy backstage, with a shortage of hair and makeup people, that my hair skills were put to the test! I did my own hair for the show! I thought the makeup was fun for this too. Very soft, with a bit mor drama around the eyes!

Theses lovely little ladies in the middle are the designers for this collection. The clothing is all yoga/athletic inspired, and all the models were loving how comfortable and adorable that each piece was! I defiantly plan on buying from them in the future!

XOXO dré 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fair Festivities

Every fall I get really excited about going to the fair! It's kind of like I'm 10 again. I'm not such a big ride person, but I love fair food and just looking around! Cotton candy and a footlong corndog were defiantly on my check list!

With my cotton candy and corndog happily dancing in my stomach, I thought my day was complete. That's before I saw camels! You best believe I have been wanting to ride a camel....and I didn't even have to fly to Egypt to do it! 

Bucket list: Ride a camel ~~ CHECK!

Cut-off T | Forever 21
Jeans | Mossimo Supply Co
Moccasins | Minnetonka 
Coat | Garage
Scarf | Zara
Bag | secondhand 

XOXO dré 
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