Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh! Ombre!

Ombre is EVERYWHERE you look these days! If you have not jumped on this trend, there is a way you can take part in it, no matter how conservative or how daring you might be!

Because my first love is hair...this is where we will start! I want you to see how even a very subtle ombre can "amp up" a solid color.

My mom is a natural redhead who doesn't play with her color much. By lightening the ends of her hair, she gets the feeling of a "big change", while keeping true to her low maintenance color as she won't need to touch up her roots. Notice the difference in looks she gets even from switching her styling from straight to curly!

If you want to go a bit more daring with your color palette, check out this photo of Ashlee Simpson.

If the permanence of hair color is a bit too much for you to take in, or if you are simply looking for another way to add ombre into your personal style, here are some options for your nails. Experiment with your artistic side as you can enjoy endless color options. Polish your nails with one color per nail, or have each nail fade individually. This look has been seen on many celebrities including Lauren Conrad.

And let's not forget about makeup! Ombre lips can be a fun statement for any finished look! Again there are so many variations of what can be done from the colors that are chosen to the placement of where you want to see the blending of the colors.

I did a very subtle example on my lips starting with a bright pink and fading to a lighter pink.

Below is a photo of a more dramatic ombre lip.

Hopefully I have given a bit of inspiration! Enjoy! XOXO Dré

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