Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday.

I've been extremely (extremely!) busy lately. In fact, I barely had time to share with you a glimpse of my purple hair. Fortunately, most of the madness has concluded enough that I'm able to take the day off tomorrow. Too bad it won't be a full day of relaxing as I have so much life to catch up on. But, it will be a great day nonetheless.

This outfit spoke to my mood today and is quite the blend. Let's call it comfy chic, shall we? The tucked in sweatshirt not only provides warmth for the lovely fall weather, but also a collegiate type of vibe that's definitely on trend.

And since it's an old sweatshirt of my dad's, I suppose it's like a big hug from him every time I put it on. Squeeze!

xo | din

sweatshirt | U.S. Marine Corp (second hand)
skirt | H&M Trend
shoes | MeToo

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