Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Outtakes

Is it really the end of September? It feels too early to be sharing our outtakes, but the calendar isn't lying (we double checked!). From back to school to fashion week, there was a lot to keep us busy. Take a look...

It's comforting to know that when times get hard, all it takes is a badass outfit and some glitter to turn things around. We're learning to become our own rock stars, our own motivators; because that's what it takes to move past set backs and disappointments to reach our goals. 

September came through like a whirlwind. Even through our reluctance to Autumn (we love summer), we've been lucky to still have warm weather to help us cozy up to those fall vibes. That, and every fashionista's favorite... Fashion Week! The Spring 2015 collections in NY, Vancouver, and Milan thus far have been fun to follow. Crazy, though, how the rapidly growing Vancouver Fashion Week was stealing focus from the more renowned runways. What's more? All you codekeepers got a backstage pass. You can thank dré for that!

Now, here we are entering into October and looking forward to our layers and boots, as well as branding partnerships. (We're excited about this. More details to come!) So, you see, truly it's not where the sidewalk ends, but the effort to direct that next step toward a re-energized beginning. The leaves are turning, follow us as we begin anew.

xo | drédin

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