Monday, December 8, 2014


Happy Birthday to... me! Today is my 30th birthday and I'm excited! Nope; I am definitely not one of those women who like to conceal their age. After all, with age comes wisdom and I'm all about that!

In fact, this morning after a beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday" from my dad (get this man a record deal!), I wisely decided to enjoy Nutella on my toast. Truth be told, it's not the first time I've made a wise decision to have Nutella, so this just shows that I'm retaining knowledge.

Yesterday, however, might have been a more well rounded course as I enjoyed brunch with a few friends at Lavagna in Capitol Hill. The menu is farm to table and delicious. I had Eggs Florentine (their take on Eggs Benedict) with a side of bacon (not my fav in the way it was prepared) and two Americanos (necessary!). To top it off, my friends sang Happy Birthday to me before I blew out a candle on a melt-in-your-mouth delicious Tiramisu cake!

Brunch was perfect because I was surrounded by great company to fellowship, delicious food to eat, and this fabulous blanket poncho to keep me warm. This poncho was made especially for me by my best friend, dré. About a month ago dré confirmed with me which fabric I would like, then she spent an afternoon creating the garment. Upon arriving home on Saturday from Indianapolis, I saw the package at my doorstep. I had already planned to wear it for my brunch, so the timing was perfect. Thank you, dré, for such a thoughtful gift! The time and detail that went into it has not gone unnoticed! (Really, though, I've received so many compliments!) Thanks, boo!

Today is also our blogiversary! Check out our official launch here. Then, visit our Facebook page for more birthday celebration updates!

What do you think of my blanket poncho?

xo | din

blanket poncho | dré
necklace | H&M
leather cuff | MetroPark
leggings | H&M
shoes | Jessica Simpson

photos | Maci P

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