Monday, December 29, 2014


Happy Monday fashionistas! New Year's Eve is in just 2 days, and I have the perfect accessories for your eyes ~ eyelashes sure to knock anyone out that's within a 5 foot radius of you! J/k...but not really ;-)

My brother-in-law gave me the serious hookup for Christmas with the most amazing 3D fiber lashes. You start by applying a transplanting gel. Before that has a chance to dry, you swipe the tips of your lashes with the 3D fiber, and then finish by adding one more coat of the gel. 

Here in my before and after photo, I'm wearing 2 coats of the 3D fiber. You can go back and forth between the gel and fiber until you've achieved your desired look. I'm not sure this photo does justice to just how long these bad boys are, but I hope it gives you an idea!

xo | dré 

mascara | Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes from Younique 

Order your Younique mascara from Faustine here or by calling 206.898.3887. Join Faustine's VIP group for special discounts! Do you love it? We wanna see your before and afters!

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