Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Outtakes...Ciao 2014!

As the world focuses its eye and goals to 2015, I'm taking one more look back on our year of blogging. Take a journey with me as I revisit 8 of my favorite posts. (Of course there were so many that I loved, but considering the time it takes to get glittered up for NYE festivities, I narrowed!)

The year started off with a cover story featuring Joan Smalls. I was thrilled to feature Joan not only because she's gorgeous, but because of her resilience to rise to where she is today. Although Joan is no longer holding the #1 spot, she's still as present in the industry as ever. Read more.

Now, I can't talk about the #1 spot without mentioning the back-to-back NFC Champions! Earlier in the year we showed the 12th woman how to get game-ready, and then we cheered our Hawks to a Superbowl victory! Working in the nation's capital, I crave the west coast. So, if you're like me and missing home-field advantage, then revisit the post for style tips + music video to get you pumped.

If there's one thing you would have gathered this year, it's that we love the sun. Even home-field advantage couldn't tamper with our incessant craving for warm weather. Especially if that craving meant going all the way to Dominica to satisfy--which dré did in March! Read more.

That wasn't the only major move dré did this year. Can we talk about the many hair transformations? Just take a look at the chop that happened in May below. She straight up said, "Cut My Hair Don't Care", and it was one of the best looks all year! Revisit dré's hair journey here.

One thing that I loved this year was playing with light. If you look back through our posts, you can see how our various discoveries of radiance transformed our images and overall post themes. One of these was "Georgetown" (above). Rediscover this look in historic Georgetown here.

Speaking of light, I found it again in "Love, Now Trending". This look was created for my two friends' wedding reception in July. The theme was garden party, and I couldn't resist adding this flirty back-slit top to my ensemble. Love was definitely in the air; catch it again here.

Oh, and remember that time when dré made VOGUE.COM? Yah, that happened a few times this year, too. It was crazy and so much fun! Relive the backstage moments here.

And to round it out, one of my favorite reds of all-time was found this year! Such a classic that I hope OPI never lets it go! Although I'm not a soda drinker, I must say that sharing this beautiful lacquer with your bff is worth popping a bottle for! Cheers to my favorite red again here.

These were my favorite 8 of 2014. Now let's take a look at what your top 3* were this year:

1. Marita
2. Cut My Hair Don't Care
3. My Personal Canvas
*Top trending posts as calculated via the buzz.

Thanks for reading in 2014!

xo | din

See You In The New Year!!

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  1. Love the recap! Wishing you both a fabulous 2015!


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