Thursday, January 29, 2015

On Second Thought - The New App That Everyone's Talking About

"I think it'd be really cool if someone was like, 'you guys totally saved my marriage.'"

That's how the conversation with my dear friend Maci Peterson began. We sat down over coffee and Nutella so I could get the download on her ingenious new app. On Second Thought is the new messaging app that allows you to-- I kid you not-- recall your text messages. How? Simple. Swipe left.

"You never know when you need to be saved from yourself; or Autocorrect," Maci says. Which is why you should adopt OST as your primary messaging app. Fortunately for Android users, you can do it now. As an entrepreneur, Maci has several ideas brewing, but this became priority once numerous stories (and personal experiences!) surfaced proving it was time. And, as South by Southwest's winner for 'best start-up pitch' last year, it's clear the timing is right.

That's not the only indication though. Maci believes that by her leaving room for God to move, the app is truly going places she couldn't have imagined. Faith. It's the secret recipe that's not so secret. Even business partners, Gary and Stuart, are proof of this. She admits that by embracing this structure, this venture is not only gaining success, it's fun!

You might be wondering how this is related to style. Honestly...everything. It's a lifestyle enhancer. Connecting over social media/text messaging has pretty much engulfed our way of communicating. Thanks to On Second Thought, we all can add value to those points of connection. One that, in the words of my friend, "actually changes lives."

"We're doing more than just recalling messages....we're saving relationships," She continued.

It's true. I personally could have used this app a few years ago when I sent what seemed to be a harmless text ended up being really hurtful because it was sent to the wrong contact. I don't think I'll ever not feel bad about that mistake. Now whenever I text, I double (sometimes triple!) check the recipient. Ridiculous, right? Needless to say I'm the first one in line once it's released on iOS!

Last month I shared that I was in Indianapolis for a conference. How perfect that they had an "Appy Hour" where I could share my excitement about this brilliant app! All the tech-savvy folks were excited about the app, too. Who wouldn't be? Forget embarrassing texting mistakes-- just Ost it!

Here's the breakdown:
- Free to download
- 20 free recalls per month -OR-
- $1.99/mo for unlimited recalls
- Curfew settings

Are you ready for #NoMoreTextRegret?
Shout out about your thoughts on the app in the comments below!

xo | din 

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Want to hear Maci's embarrassing text story? Watch her interview with Fox 5 DC here.

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