Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 Ways to Revitalize Your Hair Game in 2015

A new year means a fresh start, and that includes your hair! Here are 5 posts worth re-viewing to give you inspiration for a fabulous year of creative hair styling. Ladies, the doctor is in!

1. Oil Wonders
Matrix Oil Wonders products are fabulous. After dré introduced them to me, I started using the shampoo, conditioner, controlling oil, and strengthening oil, and it has really made a difference for my coarse, curly hair. Read more.

2) To Chop or Not To Chop?

If you have long hair, you might be thinking "new year, new 'do". But are you ready to commit? My incredibly talented friend shows you how you can get the best of both worlds here.

3) Ready to Rock

Is your hair collar bone length or longer? Take a look at this tutorial on how to frame your face with a braid! Watch now.

4) Show-Stopper

A fashionista knows a good trend when they see one, and this is it! dré shows you how to get Serena van der Woodsen's hairstyle. I can assure you it's Blake Lively approved! 

5) A 5 Day Forecast More Reliable Than The Weatherman

You don't need to doppler to predict that this 5-day hair tutorial will be a success. Ease into your 2015 hair transformation with these tips from our resident doctor, dré!

Which looks are your favorite? I want to know below in the comments!

And, stay tuned for more short hair inspiration coming soon!

xo | din

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