Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Age Grunge

It's no surprise that fashion is a cycle, and if it was around before, chances are it will come around again.

In 2012 it's grunge. That's right. The 90's are back! This may strike fear in some people's hearts, but do not despair, with the comeback brings reinvention!

From the runways, to editorial spreads, to street fashion, hair color is huge! And I don't mean color like, "Oh...that's a pretty blonde" or "What a rich brunette!" NO! I mean COLOR! Every color of the rainbow is gliding down the tresses of fashion lovers everywhere. This may be a bit too intense for some to take on, but if you have the courage, look at the photo below of how beautiful it can be! It's cotton candy goodness!

And who can have grunge without skulls? The shredded skull cutout tee is to "die" for! If it's a little too risque for you, you can always accessorise with a skull ring, necklace or earrings.

Fringed shirts are hot this summer! Gisele Bundchen recently did this editorial spread for a Brazilian magazine rocking the inspiration of grunge and graffiti. The bright colors they incorporated along with the exaggerated fringe make this look dance. So whether you pick the skull number or u dare to bare some midriff, I hope you gain some inspiration and experiment freely!

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                                                                     XOXO Dré

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