Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wedding Bells

It's summer. It's hot. And what else comes to mind besides popsicles and beaches?? WEDDING SEASON!!

Weather you will be the blushing bride this year or have a friend that is getting ready to tie the knot, I have a selection of five families of hairstyles sure to please the bride-to-be.

For the classic bride:
1.French Twist
The french twist is a timeless look that has so many variations of the way it can be worn. Below Eva Longoria wears hers with her bang swept softly to the side, and the lovely lady below her has the front of hers styled up and away from her face.

For the elegant bride:
2. Bun
Love ballerinas? Fashion does too! The bun is another look that will never die and has many different ways to style it.....this time we're hoping with a veil! Kim K is wearing her bun ultra sleek and polished, while SJP is rocking hers in a bit more high fashion way; soft and wispy. Tyra stays extremely elegant, wearing her bun inspired style low and to the side.

For the sexy bride:
3. Long Curls
For those that have long luscious locks, letting them fall down your back or drape over your shoulder may be the perfect way to seduce your groom as you walk down the aisle. Carrie Underwood's style has a perfect puff of volume to tuck a veil into. The other two looks have the curls brought around to one side which is very sultry.

For the chic bride:
4. Faux Bob
For the bride who has long tresses, but desires to hide them away to give the illusion of a short chic style, what could be better than a faux bob? Marisa Miller and Taylor Swift both hit the nail on the head with this one.

For the free spirit bride:
5. Braids
Braids have been a big part of fashion for a little while now. It's a look that can be very easy and casual, but with the right twist, it can be ready for an altar near you. I love the softness of Kristen Stewart's braid, brought around to a beautiful low style in the back with romantic wisps framing her face. Sienna Miller's braid has a bit of a milk maid feel, but with such perfect placement of the braid, there is nothing "dorky" about it! Finally, the braided headband on the model below is exquisite and the fishtail braid is very boho chic.

Well I hope was able to cover the majority of every one's personal style! If you have any questions or would like some tips, feel free to email me at If you live in the Seattle area, please come see me the downtown Gene Juarez Salon. To make your appointment call 206-326-6000 and ask to book your wedding day style with Andrea.


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