Thursday, April 11, 2013

[ Masquerading ] In Burlesque

A few weeks ago, I visited the Mansion on O Street for a night of 
masquerading and fun. The mansion has over 30 hidden doors
although I will admit I only discovered two.

Through these doors, and the several adjoining staircases,
I uncovered the over-furnished suites. 

Quite literally a hoarder's high-end paradise.

The night ended in a dance competition-- obviously. As a judge
alongside my friend, I watched the moves of the men in suits 
and the women in corsets and heels. 
We even exercised our [self] bestowed duty to have a 
dance-off between two fair ladies to our song of choice.

Finally, I embodied my best Vanna, announced the winner,
and spent the rest of the evening twirling in my tulle and lace 
while the dj played my favorite songs...

 Claire's Fascinator | Express Necklace | LOFT Earrings 
 Nordstrom 'As U Wish' Lace & Tulle Dress
BCBG Peep-toe Pumps | photographed by Lauren

xo | din

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