Tuesday, December 17, 2013

8 Gifts Of Christmas

It's that time again for dré and din's 8 picks for the holiday season! Only this time, stay tuned each day, because with all the gifts we would love to give, you will have a chance to receive one directly from us!

Day 1

A hair service with dré. What better way to give someone love than to give them an opportunity to be pampered and beautified?! Treat someone or treat yourself with an end of the year appointment, whether you need to trim those gnarly ends, or you're just looking for a fancy style to turn heads in the city!  dré's last day with available openings this year is Saturday, December 28th!  Call 206-326-6000 and book your appointment with Andrea.

While you're in the salon, be sure to pick up a product that will keep your beautiful new 'do in place! dré loves laque couture by Kérastase. "It holds your style nicely in place, without feeling too heavy or stiff." 

Here is what you can expect from this product:

-sets and locks styles
-highly workable 
-frizz control
-UV filter and heat protection
-anti frizz and humidity protection
-color protection

So that's it! Our first two picks for gifts this season! We can't wait to show you our other six gifts, and we look forward to finding out who our lucky winner of one of our gifts will be!

xo drédin  

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