Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cover Story | January 2014

Happy New Year, Everybody!! What better way to bring in the new year than to shout out the world's top model, Joan Smalls?!

Joan's elegance and striking beauty grace the cover of Elle Magazine this month. I had my mail forwarded to WA and hadn't received my subscriber copy yet, so when I saw this cover in Safeway, I just HAD to pick it up. (Hey, I'm a part of the "now" generation-- I couldn't wait!)

Can you blame me? The number one model in the world. Overall stunning photo. AND a person of color! This doesn't happen often. Even the 25 year old mentions the lack of diversity in the fashion industry as, campaign after campaign, designers choose the monochromatic "aesthetic" to send down the runway. But thanks to several multi-cultural visionaries, including the genius that is Riccardo Tisci, Smalls went from the low-end to the high-end almost overnight. A night, however, that wasn't necessarily storm-free.

Joan had to use her book smarts and her street smarts to navigate her way through the trenches of the model world. Early on she was told that she needed to fix her teeth otherwise it'd be difficult to get gigs because "you're a black model. And it's already a challenge." So, she accepted the advice graciously, went back home to Puerto Rico, and visited an orthodontist. All while earning a degree-- magna cum laude. And, yes, she's only 25.

She's got the look and talent, the number one spot, and a gracious spirit to not only knock down the doors to the most sought after runways, but open and close the show. That right there is star power, folks.

Here are a few shots from Joan's Elle spread. For the full spread, be sure to pick up your January copy of Elle on newsstands now. [Isn't she stunning?!]

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PxSx 2013 was a great year for code name: drédin, and we're so grateful to all of our readers! Looking forward to sharing our 2014 fashion adventures with you! Cheers!

Newsstand cover - Elle January 2014
joan wears:

top | Jacquard jumpsuit
bottom | Chanel
cover | (newsstand) Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, (subscriber) Céline
stylist | Joe Zee
original article | Molly Young
photos |, Michael Thompson

Subscriber cover - Elle January 2014

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