Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Can't Afford Not To

I recently scored in a major way, though it wouldn't have happened without my husband's hound dog skills. We were heading home after a road trip and after spotting a Ross, he suggested we check it out. 

Once inside I headed straight for the shoes, but was quickly discouraged as nothing stuck out to me that was larger than a size 9 ( I know, I know....I have big feet ). I was about to throw in the towel when he came over and thought he should take a look. Within a matter of minutes, he found me not one, but two pairs of heels that I actually liked!

Oh! It gets better...the booties he found me were marked at $4.99, and the heels we marked at 49¢!! I thought there had to be a mistake. Sure enough, it was true. Let me do some quick math for you. That is TWO pairs of shoes for $5.48!!

Lesson learned: good deals can take some digging, and don't forget to check discount stores. After all, you can't afford not to!

xo | dré 

heels | Nine West 
booties | Nine West 

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