Thursday, November 27, 2014

code "gratitude"

We are so blessed. Right now I'm sitting in a warm apartment (one that's spacious and all my own), preparing to head over (in my car) to a friend's for a lively Thanksgiving dinner. I say "we" because many of you are in similar situations. Whatever your walk in life, whatever your current situation, just know that you are a part of my blessing today.

Your continued support of two girls' creative outlet is heartwarming. It is my hope, and surely dré's as well, that you continue to find inspiration here. Whether it's fall trends like those shown above, beauty tips, or fun finds we are gushing over, we love the fashion world and thank you for your readership!

with hugs and gratitude,


photos: be thankful, style caster, zimbio, thissillygirlslife, thestir

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