Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Outtakes

above | (din) code: "gratitude" and (dré) eShakti

Ciao, November! At this moment, there are two things running through our minds:

For din, "Cus the players gonna play, play, play, play, play and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate....shake it off! Shake it off!"  This weekend of giving thanks was spent with an adorable little girl named Ava. If there was ever a pout on the 3 yr old's face, we shook it off with Taylor Swift's new album. After all, there's no pouting during #weekendwithauntiedindin; that's Wrinkle 101! (Today marked 8 days til din's 30th, so that's wisdom talking.)

Now, for dré, packing (yup, another move!) and tomorrow's meeting for an upcoming collaboration (more details to come!) occupy the mind. Thank goodness the weather from the Pass (snow..what?!) stayed put. Let's keep the cold to Cabin 28 as much as possible, shall we? Unless of course you used "codedredin10" to get yourself fabulous new outerwear. In that case, scooting from new home to fashion industry meetings looking chic is encouraged!

Men, looking for some encouragement as well? Don't look further than din's post on blogger sensation IAMGALLA (then visit past posts for inspiration here and here). We all need a little inspo For The Holidays, don't we? Speaking of inspo, did you know that "the buzz" is run by a stat counter to highlight the highest three posts? Did your favorite make "the buzz" this month?

above | (din) Cabin 28 and (dré) Blankets For Everyone

As the clock approaches midnight, join us in saying,

photo credit: with anna

xo | drédin

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