Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hair Rx

The Dr. hasn't been in for a while, so I hope you are all eager for what I'm going to share today!

Hair is like fabric. Think of your favorite "dry clean only" shirt. You wouldn't throw it in the washing machine and dryer every day! The same goes with your hair!

Your scalp produces essential oils that are good for your hair. So not only can over washing dry out your hair, but you're also stripping those essential oils away. Your scalp will then overcompensate by producing too much oil...thus an oily scalp.

If you're in the "I wash my hair every day" category and don't think you could possibly make it a day without a good shampoo, there is hope! Start with every other day. It may take 2 weeks up to a month, but your hair will adjust. I'm proof that this works, as I only shampoo 1 to 2 times a week, and have been known to stretch it out even longer!

Now I hope you didn't think that I was going to give you this info and then have no styling suggestions for you! I documented my hair for 5 days to show you examples/ideas of how I style my hair without giving it a scrub down.

Day 1~ Fresh out of the shower, applied 12 Benefits leave in conditioner and Bed Head Totally Baked to my towel dried hair. I then blew it dry, curled it with a 1 1/4" curling iron, and finished it with some Sebastian Shaper hairspray.

Day 2~ I took the same 1 1/4" curling iron, freshened up the curls around my face, and then brushed it out really well. This gave it a softer look.

 Day 3~ Today I had a pool party to attend, so I kept it casual and simply brushed my hair into a low pony, keeping my center part.

Day 4~ The night before, I put my hair into 2 braids and slept in them. Then in the morning, I undid the braids and scrunched just a little bit of Alterna Boho Waves and a bit if the Sebastian Shaper hairspray in it to give it some texture. This gave my hair a nice carefree/beachy feel.

Day 5~ Finally, I styled my hair in a top knot, my staple for summer style.

Best of wishes on giving your hair a break, and getting creative styling your hair!


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