Sunday, June 28, 2015

Qatari Royale

The weather in the DC Metro area has been wild. Basically, all of California's rain has been rerouted here, meanwhile all the expected spring to summer drizzles are still occurring. I tried think back to when the weather was a little more steady (versus hot days, stormy nights) and I recalled my visit to Qatar. 

One of the many activities I did while in the Middle East this past March was attend the Qatar International Food Festival. Along with my dear friend, Stik, I watched a live cooking show, ate Arabic ice cream, gift shopped, and enjoyed the sun. Although I didn't participate, there was a sold out Dinner In the Sky experience, too. Very intriguing!

The man sitting above is a jewelry vendor. While he makes bracelets out of gum tree, he sings. Stik often sees and hears him in the souk, so she wanted me to hear his songs. (One in particular, but he didn't end up singing that tune.) What's interesting is that I purchased some bracelets from his son in the souk a day or so prior––I'll tell you about those soon! Together they have a very successful family business, I'd say!

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PxSx The dhows that are anchored are there for historical purposes. In their former life, these boats were used for sailing, fishing, or transporting goods.

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