Monday, July 27, 2015

Mani Monday | 4 Colors to Keep Up Those Summer Vibes

Take a bite outta summer with Sally Hansen!

A stylista can find style inspo pretty much anywhere. And Mani Monday is no exception! These 4 colors will keep you going through summer or just offer a sweet pick-me-up when the summer sun is interrupted with summer rainstorms.

This OPI color certainly isn't mini when it comes to a day at the beach!

Your foundation isn't the only thing that should change come summer. Your nail color should, too. Have you been eyeing a color only to tell yourself if I was only a little more tan I could wear it? Well, now's the time, sister!

You can't more specific than this color from Wet n Wild!

Not everyone's summer will include a beach and jet skis. That's okay because changing your manicure is an instant pick me up. And with season specific collections, you'll be cruisin' down 1-5 in a windows down, pop music induced adventure in no time!

If laughter is the best medicine, then this OPI color is the pefect compliment...

What new colors will you try to begin your next summer adventure?

xo | din

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