Saturday, February 16, 2013


Makeup may be one of the best inventions ever! It can beautify those who were not naturally blessed, and as for those that are....can we say bombshell?

As the seasons of fashion change, not only the clothing changes, but the makeup changes as well. I'm definitely in for trying anything new with my makeup, and lip color is always at the top of the list for makeup trends. As I flip through editorial spreads and thumb through the runway collections, my heart rate increases as I see the beautiful shades that stain each pout.

Here's the problem. When it comes to any lip color with lots of pigment such as red, orange, hot pink, burgundy, lipstick ALWAYS bleeds. I have read so many how-tos and followed just what they have said....concealer,liner, blotting....none of it works. It helps, but it doesn't work.

Just when I thought I would be stuck with nude or glossed-only lips the rest of my life, I found something magical! A lip liner by MIRABEllA! It's a clear outlining pencil that prevents the bleeding and feathering of lipstick for perfect lips all day long. It's loaded with emollients so it glides on smoothly and keeps moisture in, plus it's paraben free!

So leave the bleeding to cuts and scrapes, not to your lipstick!

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