Monday, February 10, 2014

Murder at The Juice Joint

"Tips Welcome!", "$1 for the latest gossip", "Chewing Gum, Cigs, and Smart Cigs 25¢"
The jealous mobsters got me! I knew too much!
"For your Oscar-Winning Performance that left the other guests
at The Juice Joint speechless..."

On Sunday, I celebrated one of my good friend's birthday (isn't she beautiful!). How fun that the party theme was a murder mystery! Everyone looked dapper in 20s attire which made me question-- uhm, why aren't we dressing like this ALL of the time?!

I was Cindy Butt, the cigarette girl. Of course I don't support that habit, so I stocked up with candy instead: Smarties ("Smart Cigs"), Red Vines, and Extra! gum-- every "smoker" has to have that! Everything was going well, until the loud mouth of the party (me!) started getting threats from the mob! Next thing I know.. bang! bang!

Even though my character didn't survive the shenanigans at The Juice Joint, my performance will be remembered forever!

Have you attended a murder mystery dinner or party before? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

xo | din

facinator | Claire's
long-strand pearls | Nordstrom
sequined dress | Masquerade

[ not shown: ]
back seam thigh-high hoisery | Victoria's Secret
heels | MRKT 

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