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Cover Story | February 2014

There's something to say about a nearly 20-year old model whose striking disposition lands her as the face of Prada. There's even more to say when that particular model, 10 years later, hasn't let it get to her head.

This month's cover story feature is Polish-born, Canadian-raised top model Daria Werbowy. In her brief interview with Harper's Bazaar, Daria appears to be everything but the drama. And, as she's 30 now, that's something us girls in our late 20s can look up to!

Harper's Bazaar February 2014 (subscriber cover)

"I can do and say whatever I want now-- because I'm 30. 
There was a lot of surrendering."

Traditionally when words like these are spoken, it is a result of or prelude to rebellious nature. But not with Daria. She's most noted for being laid back and worldly (she's famous for sailing across the Atlantic, and currently living in Ireland). Her Instagram is proof.

Still, ranks her #6 for a reason. She's driven. Among her Prada prestige, she's captured the attention of leading houses such as Lancôme, Céline, and Ferragamo. Now, these cemented partnerships have afforded her to do it her way. Daria blocks her work schedule so that she has months at a time off to travel and just live.

I think we can all take note that a little more time for self is important. Whether it's actually taking the allotted vacation time, or taking weekend trips with friends, we can keep that "work hard, play hard" attitude. This is especially important for my fellow workaholic Americans!

Daria's got a relate-able look and an inspiring lifestyle. What are your thoughts on this month's cover story?

xo | din

photo | Daniel Jackson
fashion editor/stylist | Alastair McKimm
hair | Shon
makeup | Wendy Rowe
manicure | Rica Romain
original article | Laura Brown

Pick up your copy of this month's Harper's Bazaar for more photos and full interview-- on newsstands now.

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