Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Happy 8th day, Everyone! If you're like me, there are two things you don't leave the house without applying: mascara and lip balm. For this look, I built off of my go-to mascara by adding eyeliner. My mom always used liquid eyeliner, so it has also become my liner of choice.

I experimented with the popular winged liner by extending the liner on the bottom lid to a thinner line underneath the main wing. I've been stalking Instagram accounts where makeup artists such as the talented @makeupby_melissa post their EOTD (eye of the day). What do you think of the winged liner? This trend is definitely going to stick around for awhile!

What are two products you can't leave the house without applying?

xo | din

eye shadow | Mary Kay
eye liner | Palladio

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  1. Beautiful! And I love that there are no clumps in the mascara. The winged liner and blended shadow are lovely, too.


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