Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gloomy Day

Today was a gloomy day. But I wasn't about to let all those clouds keep me down. In order to give my day a bit of excitement, I decided to dress with elements of flare.

Thick winged liner gave my eyes a little extra drama.

A braided top knot was fun alternative to a plain one.

**To achieve**
Place hair in high pony.
Separate your ponytail in 2 sections.
Braid each section of hair.
Wrap braids in opposite directions and secure with pins.

Your day can never be dull if you remind yourself that you're fierce!

Spring may not have been "showing", but I didn't let that stop me from flashing my bright floral print bralette! ( On clearance for $10 right now at Victoria's Secret!! )

Stay strong! Fight the gloom!

xo | dré 

sweater | Forever 21
pants | Willi Smith
combat boots | SODA
bralette | Victoria's Secret
bracelet | BCBG 

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