Sunday, April 6, 2014

Vancouver Fashion Week FW 2014

Two weeks ago I was up in Vancouver, B.C. for fashion week. This season I had the opportunity to walk for Goldie London again. I loved their Spring/Summer 2014 collection that I wore last season so much, I could hardly wait to slip into whatever they had for me this one.

This particular show was a bit of a monumental occasion for me. My husband, who has never seen me walk in any shows before, was not only there, but sitting in the front at the top of the runway. Talk about butterflies as a got ready to step onto the runway and saw my guy across the way! I felt like one special girl!

Enjoy the photos he took from his view, along with a video he shot of me walking up the runway!

Here is the video shot by Ben.

If you care to to see the entire show, watch here. To fast forward to my clip, I walk at 1:07:35.

xo | dré 

Photo credit:
Ben Malczewski 
Aziz Dhamani
Dale Rollings

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