Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yes to the Dress

My good friend is getting married and she asked me to help give her style advice on gowns. So, a few girlfriends hopped in a car and headed to the Brides Against Breast Cancer event in Reston, VA. This organization does a dress tour across the nation to not only help raise money for those impacted by cancer, but also to help fit brides in their perfect dress.

In addition to eager brides, the venue had various vendors across the DC metropolitan area in attendance. Hear a bell ring? An angel got A bride chose her dress. Now, typically bridal expos are not my flavor, but I was happy to be of service to my friend. 

Are you looking for a wedding dress? Planning to help a bride choose her dress? Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you, too, can say yes to the dress.

1) Go in knowing what you DON'T like. This will save time and heartache when your best friend from HS brings you a magenta gown decked out in multi-colored rhinestones.

2) Remember, it's about the bride. She is/You are not a doll for your shopping gals to play dress up! Suggestions are welcomed, but in the end let her choose.

3) Alterations are key! Clothing, including gowns, can be altered to fit you. Often we shop with the idea that each item should be "made for me". This is happenstance, not standard. If you find a dress that you love but the neckline is off, consider synching it. Your dress, your rules.

Of course my eye was drawn to the whimsical tulle gowns. Soo pretty! For my friend, however, we found styles that made her look stunning. (I won't post for fear her fiancé will take a peak!) All I can say is that she will definitely walk down the aisle to whispers of "What a beautiful bride!"

Have you been to a bridal expo before? Would you ever go? Tell us in the comments below!

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