Monday, June 30, 2014

June Outtakes

What a busy month! We've had a blast connecting with new readers (Hey, you! Thanks for stopping by!). And, oh! Did you notice our new look?

Here's a brief recap of our month to help you spring into summer movies, travel essentials, and DIY projects in style! Whether you're a feign for brights, or like to play it cool and take it back to black we've got it all right here!

dré's walking on the 'Wild' side

din gets 'Rustic Chic'
Get the code to 'Glam Nails' here
If there are 3 things we LOVE it's turquoise, summer, these 'Aquatic Nails'!

Angelina is this month's 'Cover Story'
Summer is here and it's muy 'Caliente'!
din gets 'Prismatic' for summer concert season
We are FOREVER in LOVE with Summer!

Be sure to tell us which posts you loved in the comments. Then, see what's currently trending on the blog via "The Buzz". Thanks for reading!

xo | drédin

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