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Cover Story | June 2014

 I can't say enough about this Untamed Heart. And yet, to even attempt to process words to follow such striking photos seems futile. I've been so excited for this movie since I learned of its conception last year. Mostly because it stars one of my favorite actresses, Angelina Jolie. Favorite actress to star as Disney's best-loved villain, Maleficent? Makes sense.

Maleficent opened nationwide on Friday. Prior to its opening I read Elle's article on Angelina. (Yes, I will refer to her as Angelina. Just as I would if I was sipping tea in her kitchen.) In fact, the minute I pulled the magazine out from my mailbox and saw her on the cover, I knew I had to revamp the cover story articles! This article shares details of her costume, the filming process, and that three of her children play a part in the film, so it was fun to catch these moments on Saturday when I saw the movie with Chrystalain, my blogtographer and friend. 
(Hint: Look out for Vivenne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt, Angelina's five year old, playing young Princess Aurora!)

"I've never worked with anybody, in all my years, who has such a complete picture of what it is to be a movie actor and a movie star," said producer Joe Roth. I can imagine this to be so as the UNHCR ambassador and global philanthropist is both uniquely and acutely aware of 
what it means to be all in.

The movie is a must see. The cinematography and visual effects alone had me captivated. Really, about fifteen or so minutes into the film I remember thinking how light on dialogue the script was. Perhaps it was so visually appealing that I didn't pay attention. It's not the traditional story, but I feel I prefer this perspective a lot more. Angelina, without a doubt, was deliciously maleficent.

The article was as much about the Disney fairytale as it was Angelina's next directorial project, Unbroken, which is slated to open Christmas 2014. She's pushing herself to the limits with this Hollywood blockbuster. An epic war film based on the life of Louis Zamperini, who just so happens to be her neighbor in California. As an A-list actress turned epic war film director, Angelina has maneuvered her career into a newly created realm for Hollywood heavy hitters.

Perhaps it's unfair to say "it's unfair" that Angelina has it all--impeccable beauty, immeasurable drive, and selfless humility. So, I'll say this: all of it is inspirational. And as for her continued success? 
Boy, is it going to be fun to watch!

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creative direction | Joe Zee
photo credit | Maggie Bullock for Elle Magazine, Swide, Wikipedia

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