Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Travel Essentials

Travel in style with these must have travel essentials!

1. Passport Holder

H&M, $5.95
You may have to start using your passport! This fun holder will establish you as a well traveled individual, and protect your passport's binding from wear and tear. Nice!

2. Luggage Tags

Bed, Bath, & Beyond, $11.99
Because if you're going to ask the cute boy from your flight to help you get your luggage off the carousel, you might as well be specific as to which bag is yours!

3. Disposable Camera

Urban Outfitters, $14
Spend more time with your surroundings and your travel partner than editing and posting
selfies. I dare you.

4. Good Read

Barnes & Noble, $16.49
She's the founder of one of our favorite online shops, Nasty Gal, and her story is bound
to inspire us. (Literally.)

5. Light-weight Sweater

H&M, $24.95
Whether you're traveling by train, plane, or with someone who runs hot, there's no need to suffer!
Keep a light-weight sweater with you. It's easy to pack and it's versatile!

6. Summer Dress

Nordstrom Rack, $13
Easy, chic, and summer-heat friendly. Go 'head, girl!

7. Socks

Urban Outfitters, $4.99
One thing's for sure, airport floors are nasty! Pack a pair of socks for easy slip-on, slip-off action! (Of course you can keep your shoes on, but it slows down the security check process. And we all know we're probably running late anyways.)

8. Fashion Inspiration

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at your finger tips!

Bonne Journée!

xo | din

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