Monday, June 9, 2014


Happy Monday! I hope everyone's weekend treated them well, and you're all refreshed to start another week! My weekend was absolutely wonderful. Not anything extraordinary, but completely ordinary and I loved it!

My husband planned a weekend of activities for us to partake in that included golfing. I'd never gone golfing, and though it isn't my favorite thing I've ever done, I did enjoy myself, and we had some fun competing (although it goes without saying, that we are not in the same league!)!

Since the activities were casusual, I kept my look casual. Let me add that casual does not have to be boring! My hot pink Keds are sure to wake up the most tired of eyes. The lace tank top I wore, is from my trip to NYC with din, and lace makes everything fancy! Do you like it? 

xo | dré 

top | H&M
shorts | Holister 
shoes | Keds
sunglasses | Kenneth Cole Reaction 

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