Friday, February 13, 2015

[ Product Review: ] Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey & More!

It is not often that I find a major difference in the way my hair looks when I switch my hair products. Often it's whether or not the product can keep my dry, brittle hair moisturized or not. Usually the answer is not.

However, when I started using products by Carol's Daughter (discovered courtesy of Instagram), I was instantly pleased. Created in NY, these products are also affordable and a nice change to my more expensive favorites.

On a recent trip to Targét to restock on Mimosa Milk Honey, I was unsuccessful. Surely like every other curly haired girl I panicked. Finding a product that works is few, expensive, and far between, what was I going to do?! I took a peek at the other available products from Carol's Daughter and made my best guess. Let me tell you, a week later and I still believe I hit the jackpot.

Read further to check out my reviews on products by Carol's Daughter:

1. Mimosa Hair Honey & Sacred Tiare Leave-In Conditioner

The combination of Mimosa Hair Honey and Sacred Tiare Leave-In Conditioner truly transformed my hair. To achieve my curls, I twist my hair each night in bantu knots. Before I do so, I apply the leave in conditioner which acts as the perfect detangler. Then, as I'm sectioning and twisting, I add the hair honey to my scalp and work it through my hair's ends. (If I'm washing my hair, I apply the leave in, then let it air dry for a good 40 minutes before I start adding the hair honey.)

The result is a full curly fro. The thickness of the hair honey (and whatever other science is going on) expands my curls, so they're loose. It's definitely a fun look I've enjoyed!

2. Marguerite's Magic Hairdress & Mirabelle Plum Leave-In

Lately my hair has been drier than normal. The water where I'm at is extremely hard on my hair and I haven't installed my filter showerhead yet. So, I went to Target with a mission to pick up more hair honey. As I mentioned earlier, it was unavailable!

Reluctantly I gave in from sticking to what I knew (and debating if I should visit another Target) and chose the item that read closest to what I needed, Marguerite's Magic Restorative Cream. The Sacred Tiare Leave-In was also missing, so I looked to another option. A biotin leave in for weak and very dry hair called Mirabelle Plum intrigued me, so I went with it.

After a wash, I proceeded to my regular routine. I found the Mirabelle Plum to work just as well as a detangler (a breath less than the Sacred Tiare in my opinion), and the restorative cream to have a strong, distinguishable fragrance. The result? My scalp is no longer dry, my hair is moisturized, and I can honestly say I'm happy with my curls.

Why am I happy? My hair goals are to have longer loose curls. With this combination, they are tighter, but not dry and unruly. I can see the definition as they're not as manipulative as when I use other products. This combination has surely done some magic on my hair! God bless you, Ms. Marguerite!

I definitely recommend all four of these products. They are currenlty 20% off at, so grab your Redcard and use the code DEAL20 at check out.

Shout out in the comments below! What are your experiences with Carol's Daughter?

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