Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015 Outtakes

code name: drédin
Happy New Year!! Brunch with some of my fav DC Metro Girls!
I began and ended January the same way-- brunch! In fact, at the same restaurant...wearing the same hat. Who knew this look would be my January staple!

On the other coast, dré began the year partying it up with her hubby in celebration of their 9th anniversary. Whether it was fashion, beauty, or lifestyle, here's one thing we learned--

And, boy, did I have to rely on this wit quite a few times this month! Take peek below to revisit all the other fun things we've learned so far this year!

code name: drédin
All that glitters really is gold! | Read more
Mani Mondays have been a huge hit with our readers! We're so glad because nail polish is one of the easiest style pick-me-ups. Did you have a favorite?

code name: drédin
See the transformation of this diehard fan here!
As you know, today is Super Bowl XLIX! With all the excitement over our home football team-- the reigning NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks-- returning to defend their title, we were quite inspired to show our 12th man spirit! Revisit those accessory, nail, and hair posts to get inspired for the big game today. Can we say Re-Pete?!

Speaking of hair, do you think dré will ever settle on one hairstyle? If you answered "no!", then you are a true code keeper! And aren't we all grateful for it! Hmmm...wonder what style she'll choose next.

code name: drédin
Who wore it better? See dré's hair transformations here.
There was more than just beauty and fashion on the blog last month. In fact, our fashionable lifestyles transitioned into interior decorating AND life enhancement.

Hudson and Crane is a new mercantile store in Washington, DC. Super trendy, super affordable, and lovely owners to boot!

Check out this AWESOME new mercantile store in Adam's Morgan, DC | Read more
On Second Thought will save you from making embarrassing text messaging mistakes! | Read more
Have you ever been played for a fool by autocorrect? How about accidentally messaging the wrong contact? Whatever your text messaging horror story is, the new app On Second Thought has got your back! Now that's a new style of communication we can all believe in!

code name: drédin
Ending the month w/ new friendships! Simply Susan, Heather Rebecca Wilson, Sol to Soul
It's really hard to believe that January went by that fast. Can you even imagine how this month will feel being that it's only 28 days? Say whaaat?!

Well, don't get caught unprepared! Make sure your lip gloss is poppin' and your wig is tight! Then check back--right here-- for more style inspo!

Thanks for reading!
xo | din

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