Thursday, February 26, 2015


I must start by asking forgiveness. Forgiveness for withholding. 

I little over a year ago, my only Aunt, who is obviously fabulous (remember the DVF dress she gave me?), told me about a shopping app called Shopkick. This app basically gives you free money. Seriously! My dad and I both downloaded it, but my dad was more of an avid user of it. When I found out he got $150 in Macy's gift cards and didn't spend a dime, I knew I had to get on it! 

All you do is download the app and create a profile. The rest is cake. Every time you enter select stores, open the app and wait for the magical bling sound. When that happens, you just earned kicks, AKA points. Once you have earned 2500 kicks you have enough for different gift cards. You can save your points as long as you want, and there are several different things you can cash your kicks in for. Scanning certain products in the store can also rack up kicks. And if you choose to do any shopping through the app, that will get you major kicks!

So there you have it. I've shared the wealth with you! Download the app for yourself here and get those kicks comin'! 

xo | dré 

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