Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Walking out of Targét under 30 minutes for under 100 bucks should be a reality show. It's nearly impossible with all the obstacles of distractions, the tug-o-war decisions: "do I need it?/I don't need it./Should I buy it just in case?", and of course immunity tokens–aka sales–that allow you to play longer.

Take this e.l.f. lipstick for example. I've never purchased a lipstick from this brand and saw that it was on super sale ($2.10), so I decided to go for it. Because I was so curious about this product, I tested it almost immediately once I got home. Here's my take on e.l.f.'s Moisturizing lipstick in Rosy-Go-Round:

- It's super moisturizing
- Applies like a tinted lip balm, but stronger in pigment
- Lighter in weight and color density than a regular lipstick
- Not long-lasting (one swipe with a tissue and it came right off, no staining)

Overall, I found it to be a product in-between tinted lip balm and lipstick. I added a lip liner to round out the look. What do you think?

xo | din

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