Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When the Stars Go Blue

The UNCF An Evening of Stars Fashion Show definitely went off with a bang as the high tempo beat to the music for Stateena's Dollhouse hit the runway. Then it was brought down a notch.

Nothing could have brought out the true essence of Seattle more than Peter Czar's collection and his music choice. The gloomy yet sultry music made me feel as if I were strutting down the streets of Seattle on a drizzly afternoon. The clothing was a mixture of masculine and feminine with an assortment of trenches, trousers, and ponchos. Although I did not get the opportunity to meet Peter himself, I thoroughly enjoyed the ensemble he designed for me to wear. As you can see, it has the perfect pieces for any Seattle woman's wardrobe.

Peter's accomplishments include:
  • 1st place winner for Neiman Marcus styling competition 
  • 1st place award for the Goodwill Glitter Gala, 2010 
  • Designed and produced an evening gown for the Fashion Director for the AIS Fashion Show, 2011  

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