Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hair Rx

If anyone out there is like me in the morning, you're constantly running late! Between showering, trying to find something fabulous to wear, and painting my face to perfection, it seems that I always spend the least amount of time styling my hair. Lucky for me, I'm a professional, so I can whip up a terrific 'do in no time! But for those without as much skill, I have a new find that will dry your hair in about one third less time (at least that was the case for me)!!

Whether your hair is crazy long, crazy thick, or you really are just crazy late, check out this spray by 12 Benefits! Besides the fact that this is a quick dry spray, here is a list of what you can expect from this product.

  • Shortens blow dry time
  • Protects cuticle with Moroccan argan oil
  • Reduces stress on hair from brushing
  • Prevents blow-dryer dry out
  • Provides exquisite shine
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Controls frizz
  • Flat iron sealer
  • Prevents static
  • Gives curly or hard to manage hair discipline
  • Adds softness and a silky feel
  • Anti-age formula keeps hair youthful

You can go to to find a local retailer.

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