Monday, January 14, 2013

Black Swan

I love mixing the "expected" with the "unexpected", and that's what I was really going for in my latest photo shoot.

I am ever inspired by ballet as I used to dance myself and find it so fluid and beautiful. This passion of mine had to be put into print and so it began.

The movie Black Swan was the perfect feeling for the direction I wanted my photos to go. It was such a dark movie with so much mystery, it would be the perfect piece of art left for each individuals interpretation. Now for the surprise five year old daughter Kiya! She is a little ballerina herself with a love for the camera. Although a child posing for something seeming so dark may be controversial for some, we really had a blast. We just told her to do whatever she felt and these are the results! We took care of the lighting to give it the effect I was going for and the rest of the magic was played out by my little star! There is nothing ugly about this little duckling:)

Model: Kiya Malczewska
Hair: Dré Malczewski
Wardrobe: Dré Malczewski
Makeup: Monet
Photography: Miguel Gaona


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