Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{ Inside Story }

In September, I was asked to do a shoot for a surfboarding/snowboarding/skateboarding magazine. Of course I assumed that I'd be doing hair. Wrong. I later found out that I would in fact be posing along with another model and a pro-snowboarder of a smaller stature....in a bikini.

I was down for the experience! It seemed like it could be fun! After all, it would give me a chance to come into contact with some new people to make connections with, and bring out my inner snowboarder(or something! haha)!

Turns out the young man below is Austen Sweetin. He graced the cover of Snowboarder magazine in 2010, and now he was being shot for a French magazine called Desillusion. It's a magazine for anyone that has a sport on a board. The story for the photograph is "Here is this short snowboarder kid, surrounded by these tall sexy ladies! A whole lot of woman for him!" I'm the mistress on the left ;)

The photograph was shot by Peter Line, who is actually on the cover of this issue of the magazine. While he shot, there were some French videographers filming the whole thing. It was a great time and definitely different from anything I've ever done! If anyone is interested in getting their hands on a copy of this, you can go to Dslmag.com. It ships from France so it can take up to 8 weeks to receive.

Happy Winter! And if this doesn't inspire you to hit the slopes....maybe you can just be inspired to look like a cute snow bunny;)


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