Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crown Jewels

A couple nights ago I did something experimental for me with my nails. 

You know those nail appliqués that have been around for a few years now? Well I found some that caught my eye about 10 months ago, and had yet to use them! They looked beautiful in the packaging, but I had no idea how difficult they would be to apply, or how they would last. 

Here's my verdict: They were pretty easy as far as application. As far as their longevity, I was not impressed. By the end of the next day they were already starting to peel off. I don't know if it is the brand, or the fact that I have my hands in water more often than most from styling hair. 

All in all, I think I'll stick to a polished manicure, unless I have a particular event that I would want to wear them for. Still, they did turn out pretty. Don't you think?

xo | dré 

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