Saturday, July 12, 2014

Trust in Red

It's not a simple task finding that perfect red lip color. Finally, I found my match. This lip color by MAC has a rose pink undertone, versus a blue, so I feel confident wearing it all day long. For every bold lip, it's important to use a liner so that the lines remain clean and distinct. So, I've got the liner to match!

Here's how you, too, can apply a perfect red lip!

1) Exfoliate your lip!
Feathery, chapped lips are a no-no when it comes to wearing a bold lip color. The night before, do a gentle scrub to lift any dry skin. I've used Mary Kay's Satin Lips, but a gentle exfoliating face scrub will also do the trick!

2) Moisturize!
I am constantly applying lip balm! This is especially important after exfoliating. When you wake up the next morning, your lips will be primed for rouge application.

3) Liner first!
Working from your top lip to your lower lip, line the outside of your lips with a gentle application. You do not want a heavy hand here. Instead, build up the color as you make an even pout. Once you've achieved your outline, lightly fill in your lip beginning from the center of your bottom lip out. Repeat on top lip. This simple light fill will help to prevent feathering and color fading prior to lipstick reapplication.

4) Rouge it!
Now, it's time to apply your fav red lipstick. For me, it's All Fired Up by MAC. I chose this for two reasons: first, the makeup artist recommended it; secondly, unlike any other red, I felt confident wearing it. If you're unsure about your red, consult a makeup artist, but always go with what makes you feel confident!

Got it? Good. Now, take your red lipstick and begin applying it to your top lip from the "v" to the corner on both sides. (Don't have a "v"? Create one with your lip liner, then fill it in with your red lipstick!) Then, apply the color over your bottom lip. Fill in any uneven areas and touch up your line with your lip liner. Voilà!

So, tell me. Do you dare to go bold?

xo | din

lipstick | All Fired Up by MAC
lip liner | Trust in Red by MAC

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